The Resorter … Revisited

The Resorter … Revisited
resorter 10 17

Summer of 1960

Volume VI

Edition 3

Issue Highlights

Specializing in honey dipped donuts, Ernie’s Donuts on N. Division Street was open from 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m. “See Them Made And Buy Them Hot” was the ad message.

Jarvis Realtor was selling lots in the new Mallard Island — “Ocean City’s Most Exclusive Residential Site.” Lots ranged in size and priced at $5,000 and up.

Rooms with a bath at The Atlantic Hotel on the Boardwalk, under the direction of Managing Director Dr. Charles W. Purnell, were being offered $11 per day and included ocean and bays views. Running water rooms were being sold for $7 per day.

A story, “Naming Buildings Is Major Project Here,” discussed the challenges owners were facing at the time. It reads, “Titles with the word Sand in them have progressed to the point where they seem to have gotten out of control. They started out sensibly enough with such names as The Salty Sands, the Surf ‘n Sands, the Sandyhill, the White Sands and the Sands. Somewhere along the way the naming of buildings with the word sand in the title became a mania … About the only sand titles left are the Wet Sands, the Dry Sands, the Gritty Sands and who knows someone might even name their new units the Sand-In-Your-Bathing-Suit.”

There were no televisions in the room at Stephen Decatur on the Boardwalk, but there was a lobby television offered for all at no charge.