Remembering the March Storm of ’62

Remembering the March Storm of ’62
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Vanishing 3-4bThe March Storm of 1962 was not a hurricane but a Nor’easter that lasted over two days and throughout five high tide cycles. It caused the death of two local citizens and was responsible for millions of dollars in property damage. Flood waters covered downtown Ocean City for over 24 hours while hundreds of people were rescued from their homes by the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department.

vanishing 3-4cFollowing the storm, all the streets were clogged by sand and debris and the public was not allowed into town for several days. The Boardwalk had been destroyed and hundreds of buildings heavily damaged. For the first time in Ocean City’s history, National Guard units were mobilized to protect the town from potential looters.

It was the worst natural disaster to ever strike Ocean City.

Photos by Mel Toadvine, above, and Floyd “Doc” Turner, below