The Resorter … Revisited

The Resorter … Revisited
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Summer of 1968

Volume XIV

Edition 5

• Kathleen Harman of the Ocean Mecca motel was praised with the “Prettiest Lobby Award” in the Salt Spray column. Ocean Mecca’s lobby boasted Tiffany lamps, Indian flair, and air conditioning.

• Sandyhill Motel owners Owen and Frances Mumford celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary during that summer.

• Ship N’ Store TV Rentals invited vacationers homesick for their televisions the opportunity to rent their own while in Ocean City.

• Councilman C. H. Shuey suggested that in order to combat erosion, Ocean City should invest in dredges to move the sand where it needs to be.

• This summer, Ocean City faced “the great crab shortage.” However, some people, like Inez Engle, were able to covertly get bushels sent down from Cambridge.

• The Resorter Publishing Co. sold colorful, personalized stationary for $19 per 1,000 pages.

• Hugh Cropper held the office of mayor. Also in office at this time were brothers Robert and Charles Jackson. Robert was a member of the Ocean City Town Council and Charles enjoyed the position of president of the Resort Chamber of Commerce.