The Resorter Revisited

The Resorter Revisited
05 29 Color Resorter WEB

Summer of 1971

Volume XVII

Edition 5

Issue Highlights

• At Davis Promotions’ Rod and Custom Show at the OC Convention Show, “The Original Corvette” was being featured with $1,000 in prize money and trophies on the line.

• The featured model in the Hess Apparel advertisement was Karen Moore, who was modeling a suit by Poppy Swimwear.

• Unique architectre was one of the highlights of a store on 58th Street and “Beach Highway” named Diana Parker.

• Among those featured in this week’s edition of the After Dark column by Mike Elliott were Barbara Leung and Milton Chung, Samoa Restaurant; Dick and Margie Eckard, Embassy Lounge in the Diplomat Hotel; Fran and Earl Pierce, French Quarter Lounge; and Kenny Duca on harmonica, Embers.

• An advertisemebnt for the all-new “Ocean Mall” read, “The 12-month summer begins September 1971.” It was offering 40 shops, 20 offices and acres of parking in the 94th Street area.

• The Castle in the Sand Hotel announced its new cocktail lounge, the Wine Cellar, was now open seven days a week.