Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Safety Efforts Paying Off


The figures recently publicized by the Ocean City Police Department on pedestrian injuries and fatality statistics for Ocean City is a sure sign that the Town of Ocean City is on the right track with efforts thus far. Since the implementation of Ocean City’s “Walk Smart Campaign,” which was introduced a few years ago, the many efforts including three brick lined added crosswalks in heavy traffic areas, the sidewalk signage added to certain areas, including many local establishments displaying signage to help educate and ultimately protect citizens all is beneficial.

It was mentioned recently about the possibility of having an obstacle or wall constructed along the middle of a section of Coastal Highway to help deter pedestrians from crossing Coastal Highway illegally. I support such an idea to be considered by the Mayor and City Council.  It may also be a good idea for our police to issue more citations to those who do jaywalk along Coastal Highway during heavy traffic.

Doug Antos.

Ocean City

Good Deed Appreciated


I am a 68-year-old woman shopping with my daughter during this holiday season. Although I was not feeling well, we shopped when my cell phone battery, much like me, could go no further.

Seeing a phone store nearby, I suggested to my daughter to stop and I will buy a replacement battery.

The store was just about empty, only two young clerks and a gentleman standing at the counter. The clerk said, “We no longer sell batteries for phones … we suggest that you upgrade.” I was really disturbed that this was the case. I said, “I cannot do that now, I will have to wait until after Christmas.”

I started to leave, when the gentleman, said come on back. I was a little surprised at his request. He said, “I will buy you your phone.” I was startled by his offer. I refused profusely but he insisted. The phone actually was minimal and he said add the accessories to it. I was in shock by his generosity.

He was a complete stranger who decided to do something for someone he did not know.

Despite all the sadness in the world, killing and terrorism, for a moment in time this gentleman made me feel that there are still some good people in this world. I will remember that moment in time forever.

Although I did thank him, I wanted others to know of his good deed and to wish this stranger and his family a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Phyllis Mosmiller

Ocean City

Decorations, Oh Boy


Once again the Christmas season is upon us like it or not. It is a time to climb up into the cold attic and pull down those boxes marked x-mas. In those boxes are decorations we have collected over the years, each with its own story. This year is quite simple for me. All those boxes full of Christmas decorations never made it into the attic, they just sat in the guest room waiting for that trip upstairs that never happened, therefore it’s only down one flight of stairs. Real easy. Once again we decided to forgot the hassle of a real tree. It saves the arguments while trying to put it in the stand straight up and where the lights should go.

Last year my wife Jo created a better way. She took lights and garland and shaped a tree on the wall. It was beautiful. This year will be the same. Every year her Aunt Gaye sends us a box, or care package full of gifts. Usually it contains a copy of Uncle Joe’s latest book, several practical gifts, many prank gifts, candy and several windup toys that Spaz, our 15-year-old cat, plays with for about a whole five minutes. We take the small presents light in weight and tape them to the wall. Those are the ornaments. Our tree is much better than Charlie Brown ever dreamed of.

In the past, I have always decorated the outside of our townhouse as well as our next door neighbors. The last couple of years I haven’t been able to accomplish this holiday art due to my failing health. However, with the help of God I’m feeling much better now and once again our house glimmers outside with the spirit of Christmas. The interior will soon have that same warm feeling that Jo and I loved so much.

Submitted by Kevin J. McNamara

A Win For The Chesapeake


As of Friday, things are looking up for the Chesapeake Bay. Congress has passed a federal spending bill that includes no attacks on the EPA’s landmark Clean Water Rule. This rule will restore federal protections for all of Maryland’s streams, including many that feed the Bay.

Due to overwhelming public support, the Clean Water Rule has withstood every attack that polluters could muster in Congress. Here in Maryland, over 25,000 individuals have voiced support for clean water, including farmers, small business owners, and elected officials.

Thank you, Senator Cardin for representing Marylanders and standing strong against big polluters’ attacks on our clean water. Today, over 10,000 miles of streams in Maryland, and the waterways they feed, are one large step closer to being safe for swimming, fishing, and paddling.

Jessie Mehrhoff


(The writer represents Environment Maryland.)