Decatur Boys Down Washington, 7-3

Decatur Boys Down Washington, 7-3
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BERLIN- The Stephen Decatur boys’ soccer team ended up on top this week in a game at Seahawk Stadium versus the Washington Jaguars.

The Seahawks won 7-3 in this high-scoring Sept. 22 game. Decatur put points on the board during the opening minutes. The Seahawks were able to successfully push through Washington’s defense and score several times during the first half.

The Jaguars were unable to hold onto the ball for long before Decatur’s offense swooped in to push it back down the field. Decatur exhibited greater ball control and used that in addition with teamwork to move the ball and keep it away from the Washington players.

Junior Jake Forrester closed out the half scoring Decatur’s sixth goal. Washington was unable to score during the first half and entered half time with zero goals. The Jaguars regrouped for the second half and scored twice in 10 minutes.

Decatur answered swiftly and scored their seventh goal shortly after. Washington was allowed a penalty kick halfway through the second half, allowing the Jaguars to score their third goal. The gameplay picked up as both teams fought to score. The players ran up and down the field, however, neither team able to get close enough to the net to successfully shoot for a goal.

Despite their strengthening defense, the Jaguars were unable to make a comeback during the last quarter of the game. The Decatur Seahawks finished out the game winning 7-3. Both Decatur’s and Washington’s records became 3-2 after the Tuesday night game. Decatur’s next game is scheduled to be at home against Parkside High School on Sept. 29.