Heavy Catches Dominate Big Fish Classic

Heavy Catches Dominate Big Fish Classic
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OCEAN CITY — The 2nd Annual Big Fish Classic last weekend certainly lived up to the hype with several huge fish in every category weighed on the historic docks on Talbot Street.

Produced by Huk Performance Fishing and hosted by M.R. Ducks and the Angler, the Big Fish Classic is a unique tournament that features boats and teams of anglers fishing in two different 32-hour windows with the goal of bringing the heaviest single fish to the scale during the two-day event. While there were billfish and dolphin weighed, and even a swordfish that held the top spot after the first day, it was the big-eye tuna that stole the show in the end.

In the end, it was the crew on the “Pumpin Hard” that took the tournament’s top prize, finishing first in several categories to collect a total of $95,550 in winnings. The “Pumpin Hard” weighed a 276.5-pound big-eye on day two to take the tournament’s top guaranteed prize of $15,000. Finishing in second in that category was the “Rum Runner,” with a 201.5-pound big-eye worth $3,500. The “Rebel” finished third with a 201.5-pound big-eye worth $1,500.

In the Talbot Street Stringer category, the “Pumpin Hard” took first with a 383-pound combination worth another $7,200. The “Rebel” finished second in the heaviest stringer category with a 332-pound combo worth $4,320. The “Sea Prowler” took third with a 289-pound stringer worth $2,880. The “Pumpin Hard” won the single heaviest fish top prize in several different entry levels including the $1,200 entry level, which paid out a tournament-high $22,680.

In the $1,000 entry level, the “Pumpin Hard” took first place and earned an additional $9,450. The $500 entry level earned the “Pumpin Hard” another $7,200. The “Rebel” won the heaviest white marlin category with a 70.5-pounder worth $12,500. The “Sea Prowler” won the heaviest billfish category at the $500 entry level with a 197.5-pound swordfish worth $8,190. The “Rebel” took second with its white marlin and earned an additional $3,510. In the heaviest billfish $1,000 entry level, the “Rebel” took first and earned $12,600. The “Nontypical” was second in the category with a 63.5-pound white marlin worth $5,400.

The “Pumpin Hard” took first in the heaviest yellowfin tuna category with a 106.5-pounder worth $9,135. The “Tra Sea Ann” was second in the category and earned $3,915. The “Pumpin Hard” took first place in the heaviest tuna category in both the $500 and $1,000 entry levels and earned $10,395 and $14,490. The “Rebel” was second in each category and earned $4,455 and $6,210.

In the heaviest meatfish division, it was the “Reese’s Piece” taking first with a 27-pound dolphin worth $4,590. The “Backlash” took second with a 61-pound wahoo and earned $3,915. The “All In” took third with a 140-pound mako and took home $4,050. In the small boat category, the “Rum Runner” took first with its 201.5-pound big-eye and earned $7,245. The “Sea Prowler took second and earned $1,755.

When all the categories were tallied, it was the “Pumpin Hard” winning $95,550, the “Rebel” with $54,735, the “Sea Prowler” with $15,705, and the “Rum Runnner” with $10,745 leading the field as the biggest prize winners.