“Marli” Takes Top Prize In Mako Mania

“Marli” Takes Top Prize In Mako Mania
marli winning mako

OCEAN CITY- The 19th Annual Mako Mania Shark Tournament last weekend was a big success with plenty of sharks caught and weighed and quite a few more released and nearly $69,000 in prize money doled out to the winners in several categories.

A total of 37 boats and 168 anglers competed, and while the weather was less than stellar offshore, at least on Day One, there was plenty of action at the scale. In the signature Mako Division, angler Joe Stein and the crew on the “Marli” with Captain Mark Hoos and mate Mark Stephens took the top prize with a 281.6-pounder worth $27,590, by far the tournament’s biggest prize. The winning mako, nearly eight feet long, but up a 30-minute fight from the hook-up to the boat. Angler Adam Sutton on the “Talkin’ Trash” took second with a 183.5-pounder worth $9,534. Angler Mike Morgellio on the “No Limits” took third with a 173.0-pounder worth $6,356.

The Thresher Division produced the most drama with a 500-pounder caught and weighed at the scale by angler Jeff Green on the “Hook N’ Tail” worth $2,760. Angler Bruce Bogar on the “Reel Vibration” took second with a 465-pound thresher worth $10,899 because of added entry levels. Angler Jeff Guest, Jr. on the “Port A Bella” took third with a 212-pound thresher worth $3,411.

In the Bluefish Division, Mike Cromwell on the “Lisa” took first place with a 10-pounder worth $4,776. The “Mkelijeane” took second in the bluefish division with a 1.7 pounder worth $1,764. The “Reel Vibration” crew won the W.W. Harman Most Release Award with seven mako releases and earned $1,000 in prize money.