Second Berlin Vandalism Suspect Charged As Adult

BERLIN — The second of the three suspects identified in connection with a Berlin vandalism spree will be charged as an adult.

Theft and malicious destruction of property charges were filed this week against Nicholas Bonser, 18, of Ocean Pines, in relation to the January vandalism spree in Berlin that damaged dozens of vehicles and buildings. Ocean City resident Jordan Alexandria Denton, 18, was charged in February. Each teenager faces 40 charges.

Police originally identified three suspects, two juveniles and Denton, after an investigation into the Jan. 25 incident. Bonser, according to the statement of charges filed in Worcester County District Court this week, turned 18 Jan 31. The third suspect, a 16-year-old, was charged as a juvenile.

The vandalism spree resulted in $11,000 in damage reported by 36 separate victims, one of which was the Town of Berlin. Municipal property damaged included a car, 10 electric meters and four trash cans. Three buildings and 33 other vehicles in the downtown area were also spray painted during the incident.

Berlin Police received the first phone call about the widespread vandalism in the Broad Street area downtown around 10 p.m. on January 25 and received additional calls on the following morning. Over 30 vehicles were spray-painted with graffiti including some with racial slurs. Some examples include a white vehicle with red paint slashes down its entire side. The side of one building simply said “cheeseburger.” Another vehicle had “LOL” painted on its driver’s side window. Yet another building was adorned with the rather cryptic message “your mother is a nice lady.”