Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Smoking Ban Falls Short


This past January marks the 51st year Surgeon General Terry Luther made the historic statement about the dangers of smoking.

Many Surgeon Generals and 51 years later the message has made it very clear smoking and second hand smoke is a health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with these deadly poisonous vapors.

I want to thank the Ocean City Council for taking a step in the right direction, but they have fallen short of protecting the public that they serve. The only reasonable option, for the high foot traffic areas of the beach and Boardwalk, was a complete ban on all tobacco products, included cigarettes, spit, chew, pouches and vapor delivery devises.

Let me explain. When a family comes to your beach and a 4, 5 or 6 year old asks his or her mom what are those people doing over there, the next hour or two is spent trying to explain. In the eyes of a child perception is everything. A child will want to do whatever they see, be it a good example or a bad example. So in my mind the boat left the dock and the city council missed it. What do you need the next 49 years full of death before you get it?

I for one will spend my time on the east coast in Delaware

Tim Higgins

Buckhannon, W.Va.

Citizens Answered Call


At the beginning of February, Coastal Hospice put out a call to the community requesting lap blankets for our hospice patients.

Many of our patients become chilled, especially in the cold weather of winter or with air conditioning in the summer, and we have traditionally provided lap blankets to give them comfort and warmth. At the time of our call, the demand was exceeding what we were able to supply.

We have been astonished at the generous response from the Lower Shore community. We have received hundreds of beautiful lap blankets — many lovingly crocheted by hand, some meticulously quilted, others soft and fleecy. Groups got together and knitted bags full of blankets; children hand-tied cuddly fleece throws; and individuals spent their evenings sewing and stitching.

Our patients have received this outpouring of love with appreciation and gratitude, and our staff has been inspired by the care shown by you, our dear neighbors.

Thank you all for your love, care and generosity. Please know you have brightened someone’s final days.

Alane K. Capen


(The writer is the president of Coastal Hospice.)

Movie Screening Of Note


This is to let you know that Thursday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Sun & Surf Theater on 142nd Street in Ocean City, the movie “Four Blood Moons” will be shown. This is a one-night only event.

For everyone who was at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast this year, our speaker touched on the topic of the four blood moons. This is an event that has only happened three times in the last 500 years. There was a solar eclipse on March 20 (not visible in our area) and there will be a Lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) on Passover April 4, followed by another in September on another Jewish feast day.

What do these signs in the heavens mean? Is God trying to tell us something? The Bible states there will be signs in the moon, the stars and the heavens and this movie will explain what this means. I have seen parts of this movie and it is very well done. You won’t be disappointed.

This movie will be shown one night only on Thursday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. There was a mix up about the last date that was posted (March 23). However, when everyone went to the theater that night, management realized that there was such a demand for the movie that they would try to get the movie for an encore performance. This has been done. See you there, let me know on Friday, April 10 what you think.

Bruce Spangler


(The writer is the director of the OC Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.)

A Kiwanis Thank You


There are so many organizations seeking the support of our community, one of which is the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City. The club has been around for 35 years and has always found local businesses and citizens to be generous.

At the last Kiwanis Club event, namely, the 3rd Annual Wine Tasting and Chinese Auction fundraiser on March 20, 49 items were auctioned off from gifts donated by local businesses and Kiwanis members.

Thank You: A Perfect Face, Dazzle, Robin Walter Spa and Salon, Atlantic Physical Therapy & Health Club, West Ocean City Fitness, Ocean City Golf Club, Deer Run Golf Club, River Run Golf Club, Galaxy Skye Bar & Grill, Headlines Salon, Southside Deli, Lighthouse Sound, Liquid Assets, Siculi’s, Victorian Charm, Racetrack Auto, Crazy Ladyz, Shorebirds, Becky Simond (painting), Mary Kay Cosmetics (Krystal Q. Schlissler), Barbara O’Connor (local glass artist donated a beautiful glass item), Abi’s Diner, American Engineering Solutions (donated $500 coupon toward services), Healing Hands Chiropractic, Jim Adcock’s Studio, A Bagel And and many items donated by members of the Kiwanis Club.

Winners walked away with about $4,100 in gifts from the Chinese Auction and almost $2,000 was raised for the club’s Scholarship Foundation to benefit local graduating senior students to further their educations. For the 2013-2014 school year, the club awarded $16,500 in scholarships. Thanks to everyone’s support, Kiwanis will again be able to award scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year. See http://www.kiwanisofopoc.com for more information and details and upcoming events.

Carolyn Dryzga

Mike Evans

(Dryzga is the organization’s president and Evans served as event chair.)

Care Appreciated


On Friday, March 27, I came into the Atlantic General Hospital at 1:15 a.m. with a non-life threatening issue and was greeted at the reception area with great respect and courtesy.

Within two minutes, I was registered and told to wait for assistance in the waiting area. When hurting, time drags, but I realize my wait was less than five minutes. Upon being led to the emergency area by a patient tech, I was seen immediately and I mean immediately. Treatment started within minutes and great concern was shown by all the staff. Less than 10 minutes later, drugs were administered and relief was almost instantaneous. I was discharged at 5 a.m. and given a prescription for medication that has cured my problem.

I cannot think of any better treatment anywhere in the world. AGH stands for “A Great Hospital.” Thank you and your staff for your help.

George Rosenstock