The Resorter … Revisited

The Resorter … Revisited
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Summer of 1956

Volume II

Edition 9

Issue Highlights

• The New George Washington Hotel was under the “Personal Supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Hastings, Owners.” The phone number was 270 as well as 271.

• Fifty dollars down and $10 a month “buys a homesite in beautiful Cape Isle of Wight,” according to a local real estate ad.

• “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Rock ‘n Roll with Bill Haley” were showing at the Capitol Theatre on Worcester Street.

• Managing Director Dr. Charles W. Purnell and Manager Wm. H. Purnell were at the helm of The Atlantic – ”Your Lea-ding Ocean Front Resort Hotel.”

• Mr. and Mrs. James Morris were renting vacation cottages in Ocean City for rates ranging from $55 per week to $85.

• Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Parker welcomed writing for reservations to their Miami Court – ”A Court of Distinction” – on 22nd Street.

• Serving on the Mayor and Council of Ocean City at this time were Mayor Daniel Trimper Jr. and Councilmen Hugh T. Cropper Jr., Wm. H. McCabe, Harry Kelley, D. Pasher Bunting and Talbot E. Bunt-ing.

• Owner W.I. Donohoe welcom-ed a new addition of 280 rooms this summer to the Plim-himmon Hotel.

• Ocean City was billed as home to Royal Crown Cola.

• Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Fleming invited vacationers to their Roosevelt Hotel on the Boardwalk at North Division Street.

• Featured in Hess Apparel’s ad was Miss “Bernie” Thrush, the 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Thrush of “Bernie’s” Dairyland on the Boardwalk.

• Subscription rates for The Resorter were going for $1 for the season, which represented seven issues.