The Resorter … Revisited

The Resorter … Revisited
Resorter 9 13

Summer of 1978
Volume XXIV
Edition 8

Issue Highlights

• This issue’s “Resorter Girl” was April Dalrymple.

• Located in the 45th Street Village, Jill Higgings Tennis Unlimited was holding its 1st Annual End of Season Closing Sale this month.

• Sound Waves in the Gold Coast Mall was offering LP’s, 8-Tracks and cassettes.

bps dumpsters ad

• With locations in Ocean City on 15th and 137th streets and in Berlin, English’s Family Restaurants was offering for $3.29 per person, “All the Delmarvalous Fried Chicken You Can Eat.”

• The Fenwick Feed Bag was featuring country music and entertainment at its location in the Village of Fenwick.

• The Racquet Club inside the Carousel Hotel was offering two dance floors, a DJ, disco lighting, a live band nightly and nightly surprises.