Revised Mixed-Use Project Approved For Ocean City; K-Coast Surf Shop To Anchor New Development

Revised Mixed-Use Project Approved For Ocean City; K-Coast Surf Shop To Anchor New Development
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OCEAN CITY – The new K-Coast Shopping Center returned to the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission last night for approval of a larger project to make its debut in spring of 2016.

The original proposal for K-Coast’s mixed-use project on 79th Street was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission a year ago.

At that time, K-Coast Properties LLC proposed a mixed-use project consisting of a restaurant and mercantile units to be located on the west side of Coastal Highway and south side of 79th Street. The property was a combination of two parcels, currently home of K-Coast Girl, which will be demolished. To the north on the corner was the Senor Cigars building, which has been removed. The commission voted unanimously to approve the site plan, and K-Coast Properties hoped to have the new location open by spring of this year.

However, K-Coast ended up purchasing a third parcel to the south of K-Coast Girls allowing the footprint of the building to be expanded and reapplied for site plan approval due to the changes. Currently, a residence stands on the newest parcel but will be demolished to make room for the new shopping center, which will encompass the entire block.

K-Coast Properties returned to Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday evening requesting final site plan approval for the construction of the new commercial shopping center consisting of approximately 7,821 square feet to be utilized for restaurant, retail and office space that will stretch between 78th and 79th streets.

According to K-Coast Properties co-owner Mark Pugh, for the most part, the project will remain the same featuring a restaurant and two retail stores of which K-Coast Surf Shop will occupy the north unit.

“The land addition allows us additional square footage for a larger restaurant and retail stores that we think makes it into a more practical and appealing mixed-use project,” K-Coast Properties co-owner Mark Pugh said.

Pugh added a bus stop will be installed in front of the center on Coastal Highway to help with the town’s effort to relieve traffic congestion.

“Having a mix of food and retail has made our 35th Street location very successful, and we think it will be the same for 78th Street. It should also compliment that area of town and add to the growing list of nicer food establishments in the mid-town bayside corridor,” he said.

Pugh said the plan is to close the K-Coast Girl in mid-August in preparation to demolish the existing structures right after Labor Day to ensure delivery of the new shopping center by mid-May 2016.

“We would rather lose a few weeks in an old building at the end of next season than lose any time in a new structure for the 2016 season. We think missing the last two weeks of August is a wise trade to insure Memorial Day,” Pugh said.

K-Coast Properties came before the commission a couple of weeks ago for site plan approval but a small miscalculation in parking postponed the official review to this week.

Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith explained the property has an 11-space credit and is required to have 28 spaces. The plan last week showed a 13-space credit cutting the number of required spaces short by two. The revised plans presented this week were compliant with 28 parking spaces available.

“Part of the discussion at that last meeting was whether or not they would have to maintain a curb cut on 79th Street that had been requested by the Fire Marshal’s Office for emergency access, and that ingress/egress remains for emergency purposes,” Smith said. “They have made the adjustment to satisfy the parking and the ingress/egress for emergency purposes.”

The commission voted 4-0 to approve the site of the new K-Coast Shopping Center on 79th Street with Chair Pam Buckley and Peck Miller absent and Chris Shanahan recusing himself due to being co-owner of K-Coast Properties LLC.

Shanahan and Pugh also currently own K-Coast Surf Shop on 35th Street that is similar to the new project on 78th Street with a two-story surf shop and adjoining Crazy 8s restaurant.