30-Plus Vehicles, Private Properties Hit By Vandals

30-Plus Vehicles, Private Properties Hit By Vandals
30 Plus

BERLIN — Berlin Police continue to investigate a vandalism spree that occurred in the downtown area that included over 30 vehicles and at least three buildings.

According to Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing, the department received the first phone call about the widespread vandalism in the Broad Street area downtown around 10 p.m. on Sunday and received additional calls on Monday morning. Over 30 vehicles were spray-painted with graffiti including some with racial slurs. Some examples include a white vehicle with red paint slashes down its entire side. The side of one building simply said “cheeseburger.” Another vehicle had “LOL” painted on its driver’s side window. Yet another building was adorned with the message “your mother is a nice lady.” Most of the damage this morning was noticed in the municipal parking lot off Main Street.

Downing said on Monday the Berlin Police Department is currently making an assessment of the total damages and more cases could be located as the investigation continues.

“We would not be surprised if even more cases are brought forward,” he said. “There could be cases where the property owners got up and headed to work and didn’t notice the graffiti painted on the opposite side. We’re urging everyone in the area to carefully check their property so we can get a better grasp on the extent of the damage.”

Downing said the department is currently in the process of gathering evidence and leads although no suspects have been identified. The chief said some of the buildings in the area have surveillance video cameras, which are being reviewed for further evidence. The Berlin Police are urging all property owners in the area to check their vehicles and buildings and report any damage to the department at 410-641-1333.

“We’re calling in some additional resources and we’re urging the public to come forward with any information,” he said. “It’s important for the victims to let us know the last time they saw their property before it was vandalized so we can fill in some of the blanks on the timeline.”