Salisbury Declares Surplus Property

SALISBURY – A few items came before the Salisbury City Council this week to be declared as surplus, including a list of 60 bicycles with the goal to donate a portion while the other will be posted for bid.

According to Assistant Director of Internal Services Jennifer Miller, the City of Salisbury Internal Services Department Procurement Division received a request from the Salisbury Police Department to declare 60 bicycles surplus. All items were found, forfeited or unclaimed and attempts to return items to known owners have been unsuccessful. It is the request of the Salisbury Police Department that items are either sold at auction or donated locally.

Councilwoman Laura Mitchell reminded the public to register bicycles with the police department, so that the bicycle can be returned to the rightful owner when recovered.

The form to register a bicycle can be found on the police department’s website at

According to Police Chief Barbara Duncan, approximately 15 to 20 bicycles are usable and the department is in discussions to possibly donate the bicycles to the non-profit youth and after-school program, Stop the Violence.

Councilman Tim Spies also pointed out a list of bicycles will become available to place a bid on the website

During the meeting, Miller also submitted the Salisbury Police Department has a history of giving retired police officers their duty weapon as a retirement gift. With Duncan’s approval, she is requesting the council declare as surplus, one Glock, Automatic Pistol Model to be given to Colonel Ivan E. Barkley upon his retirement.

Additionally, the City of Salisbury Internal Services Procurement Division received a request from the Salisbury Fire Department to declare Marine 2 as surplus.

The boat, an 18-foot Achilles Inflatable boat, provides marine firefighting capabilities to the City of Salisbury Fire District. After a recent Fire Department exercise, the boat was taken to Maritime Solutions because a leak was discovered within a major seam. The city’s insurance provider, Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT), sent a qualified appraiser to assess the boat and make a recommendation as to its repair.

It was concluded that repair cost would be close to the value of the boat and as such LGIT determined that Marine 2 was a total loss. Since the boat is currently located at Maritime Solutions, the Salisbury Fire Department recommends that the boat be turned over to Maritime Solutions as salvage, which relieves the city of additional towing and storage charges. LGIT will pay for the replacement costs for a comparable boat.