Salisbury Seeks Grant To Fund Skate Park’s Second Phase

Salisbury Seeks Grant To Fund Skate Park’s Second Phase

SALISBURY – The city moved forward this week in applying for state funding to complete Salisbury’s new skate park.

Under the City Council’s consent agenda this week was a resolution to approve a Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Community Parks and Playgrounds grant application for funding the second phase of the Salisbury Skate Park that is located in the 900 Block of South Park Drive.

Community Development Director Deborah Stam reported the city will be submitting a Community Parks & Playgrounds (CP&P) funding application to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the Fiscal Year 2016 funding round. This application is for $383,000 in CP&P funding for Phase 2 of the Salisbury Skate Park project.

Stam furthered, the Salisbury Skate Park project has been broken into two phases in order to make it affordable. Phase 1 has been funded through CP&P for approximately 6,000 square feet, and Phase 2 will be another 7,400 square feet.

The master plan for the layout of both phases of the skate park has been designed through the Phase 1 contract. Phase 2 of the Skate Park will include the design and construction of an additional 7,400 square feet of poured-in-place concrete skate park, the remaining fencing, entrance and exit security gates, the creation of additional on-street parallel parking spots, benches, trash cans, and a bike rack. The signage for the project was covered in the Phase 1 grant.

“Although DNR does not typically request a Resolution of Support when a CP&P funding application is submitted, I feel strongly that it will help us a great deal during the application review phase if we include one in our package,” Stam stated.

According to the resolution, “the Council of the City of Salisbury recognizes the important role that local parks, playgrounds and recreational areas play in maintaining a healthy, pleasant, attractive environment for the enjoyment of our local residents. The Council wishes to rehabilitate, improve and expand the parks, playgrounds and recreational areas within the City of Salisbury in order to improve the quality of life for all citizens.”

DNR has awarded a CP&P grant in the amount of $262,000 to the City of Salisbury for the Salisbury Skatepark, Phase 1.

The council voted to approve the resolution.