Voices From The Reader

Council Defended


It is my belief that the Ocean City Council is doing a great job. They have created an inviting atmosphere and are doing their best to work to make our great town the best place possible for visitors, vacationers, home owners and business owners. I have found them to be completely accessible and only a phone call away when needed.

I recently had a concern about an issue in town and reached out to Council member Knight. She listened intently to my issue and immediately followed up getting Chief Ross Buzzuro, Council member Doug Cymek, Public Works Director Hal Adkins and City Manager David Recor involved.

I was astonished at how quickly and efficiently town government was responsive to my concern. This was not my first time in witnessing the fast acting and efficient workings of our town government.

Earlier this season, I went in front of the Town Council at a public meeting to ask that the inoperable Boardwalk water fountains be turned on and that more trash receptacles be available to handle the increased volume of refuse. To my delight, both items were addressed within the week. I believe the Town Council is doing a tremendous job and I thank them for the hard work that they are doing. I would like to thank them for their service, but it is not enough to thank just them. The public needs to know just how hard they are working. Thus, my Letter to the Editor.

When in Ocean City, I look forward to Fridays so that I can grab the newest edition of the Coast Dispatch to stay on top of events. When back in New York, I eagerly await Monday’s mail delivery so that I can get the latest issue from my mailbox, as I am a subscriber. I enjoy the news, photos, Things I Like, The Resorter, Things I Miss and, of course, the Letters to the Editor. I know that many folks read the paper and find it a valuable asset. However, I would caution them to take some of the Letters to the Editor with a grain of salt and to consider the source. Perpetual naysayer and gadfly Tony Christ barely misses a chance to slander the council with his poison pen. Stooping to name calling (lapdogs and minions in his latest rant), Mr. Christ seems to never have anything positive to say. In fact, not only is he negative in his views, his boorish and bullying behavior lead him to be ousted from Town Hall because of his use of profanity.

Your readers need to know that despite what Mr. Christ claims week after week about how Ocean City is so awful, I am proud to call it home and am pleased with the work of town government. Perhaps just once, Mr. Christ should check his misguided anger at the door and try to view a glass as half full for once instead of half empty. Again, thank you town council members for your often thankless job.

M. Scott Chismar

Lake View, N.Y.

Ocean City

Jr. Beach Patrol

Camp Rewarding


Our names are Molly and Ally Pugh and we are both 12.

On July 8-11, we participated in the Junior Beach Patrol Camp. It was a wonderful experience for the both of us, and we learned many lifeguard skills. Some of these skills were using semaphore, which is how to communicate with other lifeguards using flags, and when to blow the whistle and how many times. At the end of each day, we had competitions between the five crews. Each crew had six kids and one crew chief. One thing that we especially liked was that you are put into levels by how many years you have participated in the Junior Beach Patrol.

We would like to thank Lt. Ward Kovacs and Liz Vander Clute for coordinating and helping young kids learn what it takes to be a lifeguard. All the lifeguards were very kind and welcoming to us. The lifeguards were encouraging and both of us learned a ton. We cannot wait to return to the Junior Beach Patrol next year.

Thank you OCBP.

Ally and Molly Pugh

Generosity Appreciated


As 2014 Primary election judges assigned to the Convention Center in Ocean City (Precinct 7-1), we so appreciated the kindness of Layton’s and Dough Roller in Ocean City. For many years covering every Primary and General election, these two establishments have provided delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at no cost to our election judges.

For the Primary Election on June 24, the Convention Center polling place was manned by 31 judges, a number that fluctuates only slightly for each election. We are so very grateful for the generosity of Dough Roller and Layton’s in their support of our judges throughout the years.

Thank you Layton’s and Dough Roller for your significant contributions to a grateful group of election judges.

George and Zora Payne

Ocean City

Sirens Are Critical


I understand that a Volunteer Fire Company’s siren going off for 30+/- minutes must have been quite a nuisance for the neighbors. Despite the frustration it may have caused, VFC sirens should never be eliminated.

Even though the VFCs are using state-of-the-art digital technology that integrates with local/regional emergency operation centers, we all know technology can fail. Perhaps more importantly though the siren is really advertising, reminding everyone who can hear it, that a local neighbor is dropping everything to go help someone in need, usually a complete stranger. They’re running to save life and property, sometimes of the very people who may be complaining about the noise they make getting to the emergency.

By the way, these volunteers save our communities millions of dollars in taxes, something we all seem to be agitated about. Sirens remind us all about what is still great about our country, neighbor helping neighbor in a time of extreme need. We all should be contributing to our local VFCs by either writing them a check or contributing some of our time or at the very least supporting their efforts to yes, keep their sirens.

In the meantime, we can all put up with the noise and be thankful we have such selfless volunteers in our midst.

Rick Otenasek

(The writer is the executive producer of the VFCStrong.com.)

Selective Enforcement


I had to laugh (maybe I should of been crying) when I read OCPD Captain Kirstein’s comment that he “can’t remember when was the last time we had to ask you guys to pull a tag” in response to the producers of the Cruisin’ events in May and October.

This is probably true as the OCPD routinely turns a blind eye to repeated speed and noise violations during these events. I have even seen them ignore violations of this type while school buses were discharging students.

Should these violations occur a few weeks later when the June Bugs are in town, the OCPD is much less forgiving, probably because high school students spend a lot less money in town compared to the Cruisers. This selective enforcement of OC’s laws has to stop before someone is seriously hurt.

A few paragraphs later in the article, Chief Ross Buzzuro essentially gives out-of-state violators a free pass when he notes that “the points aren’t transferable.” Thanks chief for encouraging more recklessness.

I love classic cars as much as anyone, but these events have morphed into something dangerous and ear splitting. I will be contacting both City Hall and the OCPD to voice my complaints first hand and recommend that other concerned citizens do the same.

Jon Kruft

Ocean City

Program A Success


At Coastal Kayak, our “Paddle for a Purpose” campaign is 4 years old now. So far in 2014 we have been able to help four area non-profits: Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund, Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. (MERR), Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF), and the Worcester County Humane Society. In two separate events, we donated the proceeds from our kayak and stand-up paddle board rentals to these worthy organizations – so our customers paddled for a purpose.

Each of these charities responds to specific and very different needs in our community and it is our pleasure to financially support them. We are grateful to those who participated in our program and helped us to make the donations to each charity, to our employees who volunteered to make it special, and to our partners in the media.

Our “Paddle for a Purpose” program is a true partnership of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses and we are delighted to report that we plan to continue the program next year. We thank our customers, all area non-profits, and our fellow businesses which all help to make the Quiet Resorts a premier place to live, work and visit.

Mitch and Jen Adams-Mitchell

(The writers are the owners of Coastal Kayak.)