Local Will Teach Fitness Class To Radio Contest Winners

Local Will Teach Fitness Class To Radio Contest Winners

OCEAN CITY — A local workout and nutrition expert has been chosen to provide a fitness class for the lucky winners of a free week stay at a downtown beach house in Ocean City.

Muscle Milk sponsored a contest on a Philadelphia-area radio station offering a one-week stay at the downtown Ocean City beach house complete with all of the amenities. Muscle Milk then contacted Ocean City resident, triathlete, cross trainer and personal trainer Corrine Banks to provide a fitness class to the contest winners.

Banks has competed in contests and races of all types and lengths all over the world with great success and offers personal training, fitness and nutrition instruction and life coaching currently out of WOC Fitness, but is in the midst of creating her own online business. Muscle Milk chose her to provide a fitness class to the contest winners, who will arrive in Ocean City this weekend for the start of their one-week stay at the beach house downtown.

On Sunday, Banks will meet the contest winner, an unidentified 20-year-old girl, and whomever she brings with her for the vacation, and will provide them with a fitness and health instruction class. She said this week she is uncertain just what she will include in the class until she meets with the contest winners.

“I’m going to teach a fitness class, but I’m not sure just yet what we’re going to do,” she said. “I have some ideas, but I won’t really know until I meet them and find out what their fitness level is and how intense the workout should be. I’m thinking about doing a workout on the beach, maybe a yoga class, but I won’t know until I meet them.”

Banks is certified as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, nutrition consultant and life coach. She hopes her involvement with Muscle Milk in the beach house giveaway contest will held springboard into her new business venture Balance 4 Life Fitness. Through Balance 4 Life, Banks will offer a variety of services to clients covering several aspects of their daily lives from fitness and health to nutrition to simply making good decisions.

“My specialty is health and wellness, but I can coach them really in any realm of their lives,” she said. “I can coach them on making healthy choices on diet and exercise and everything else, even down to organizing their homes. It’s all about making good choices and I am certified to teach all of that.”