Police Stats Confirm Less Active June In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY – Crime data released this week proved what most perceived about the month of June in Ocean City — it was quieter than usual.

At Monday’s Police Commission meeting, Police Chief Ross Buzzuro reported June’s total calls for service, including traffic stops, business checks and assistance to citizens, totaled 16,191, which is a .7-percent decrease from June 2013 when there were 16,300 calls for service.
Out of that total, 11,980 were officer initiated, which is a .3-percent increase from June 2013, and 4,211 were citizen initiated, which is a 3.4-percent decrease from June 2013.

The total number of calls for service, excluding traffic stops, business checks and assisting citizens, totaled 10,447, which is a 5.8-percent decrease from June 2013 when there were 11,086 calls for service. Out of the total, 6,482 were officer initiated, which is a 6.9-percent decrease from June 2013, and 3,965 were citizen initiated, which is a 3.9-percent decrease from June 2013.
Out of the top 25 calls for service most of the categories decreased in the month of June starting with city ordinance violations declined from 1,482 in June 2013 to 1,263 this June; disorderly conducts decreased from 1,313 to 1,206; alcohol violations decreased from 795 to 659; collisions decreased from 354 to 309; theft already occurred decreased from 307 to 295; parking complaints/violations decreased from 371 to 249; malicious destruction of property decreased from 201 to 128; tow impound by police decreased from 226 to 125; noise complaint/violation decreased from 228 to 123; civil dispute decreased from 163 to 122; DWI investigate and/or arrest decreased from 64 to 57; report of a fight decreased from 77 to 53; warrant attempt or arrest decreased from 54 to 50; and breaking and entering decreased from 37 to 34.

The categories showing an increase start with 911 hang up calls increased from 415 in June 2013 to 676 this year; suspicious person/activity increased from 346 to 477; CDS violations increased from 400 to 404; assist to OC EMS increased from 252 to 281; assists to motorists increased from 153 to 158; assault already occurred increased from 126 to 133; trespassing increased from 119 to 121; assist to the fire department increased from 82 to 89; and forgery of any kind increased from 45 to 46.

Two categories that remained the same were assists to citizens came in with 856 calls in both June of 2013 and this year, and domestic assault/dispute was the same with 95 calls.

There were 875 arrests made in June and 286 criminal citations issued. There were 300 drug arrests made and 250 drug citations. There were 72 DUI arrests made and 79 weapon arrests, according to OCPD data.
Six months into the year, a weekly breakdown reflects a 2.7-percent decrease in total crime this year compared to last year.
Under Part 1 Crimes there have been no homicides compared to one this time last year; no shootings compared to one this time last year; 15 forcible rapes 2013 compared to 20 this year; 14 robberies in 2013 compared to 10 this year; 23 aggravated assaults in 2013 compared to 29 this year; 116 burglaries in 2013 compared to 177 this year; 478 larcenies compared to 418 this year; 19 auto thefts compared to 17 this year; and there were no cases of arson in both 2013 and so far this year.

Buzzuro furthered there have been 340 common assaults so far this year compared to 379 this time last year and 27 minor sex offenses so far this year compared to 22 last year, resulting in an overall total of 1,038 crimes at the end of June this year compared to 1,067 at the end of June in 2013, or a 2.7-percent decline.

For comparison, the weekly average population estimates in Ocean City in June produced by Demoflush was 227,204 this year, which is a 4.6-percent decrease from last year.