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Flag Day Brings

Call For Changes


On June 14, Flag Day, I observed on TV the proper retirement of an American Flag. The flag was neatly folded and then ceremoniously burned while the Honor Guard stood at attention.

Observing this ceremony I remembered a time in my life, after I had joined the Navy in 1956, in Boot Camp. Five mornings of every week we would march passing in review with the military band playing and our Battalion flag waving alongside “Old Glory”. It always brought me to tears and I had such a feeling of pride knowing I was part of the military serving this country. Even now after all these years I still get that same feeling whenever I see a parade with the flag flying and the bands playing.

Now, knowing the circumstances we’re faced with: an increasing debt, the loss of many young men and women brought about by our government trying to impose our form of democracy on nations who have no understanding or love of our freedom or liberty, elected representatives who represent special interest for their own personal gain rather than their responsibility to represent the people and some who wish to fundamentally change our country has brought us now through their, I feel, misguided concepts to a point of the possible loss of what was once the most respected and advanced nation in the history of mankind.

While writing this letter I looked out my window and saw our flag flying above a building and had the awful thought that some day I would see that flag brought down never to fly again. Not a pleasant thought. Certainly not something many of us would ever want to see happen. However, it possibly could happen if we don’t make some major changes as to who can serve in the Congress, how long they can serve, securing our borders, the size and extent of government control, who should be allowed to vote, a voter identification requirement and the list goes on and on. All these things and more will be necessary if we are to save this nation.

I will always experience a special feeling every time I see the flag in a parade or hear someone sing our national anthem. The America I grew up in was the only nation where people of various nationalities and religious beliefs could live side by side respecting each others’ rights and freedom of choice. It can be that nation again only if we “The People” realize where we went wrong and make the necessary changes required to achieve that feeling again “Of One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all”.

Paul St. Andre

Ocean City

Keep It The Redskins


Half the country, (or at least half its journalists), seem to have gone absolutely bonkers about the name of Washington, D.C.’s National Football League team.

Personally, I’m fine with “Redskins.” So, Sioux me.

What bugs me now are the silly alternative names being pitched in papers and websites from the east coast to the west.

They make no sense.

Tony Kornheiser of ESPN is pushing the name “Washington Red Tails” as a tribute to the black U.S. fighter pilots of World War II.

Here’s a newsflash, Tony! The Redtails, better known as “the Tuskegee airmen,” were not based in Washington, D.C. They flew out of Tuskegee, Alabama.

(Just in case Tony’s been breathing Capital beltway fumes a tad too long, I’d like to point out that Tuskegee is a whopping 800 miles from Washington, D.C.)

There are others pushing the “Washington Metros” to replace the current nickname. That’s another bad idea.

Seriously. Would you cheer for a team named after a subway system?

The Mid-Atlantic region has always been short on alpha-predators. That’s why people settled there! The only “cougars” left in the Washington, D.C. area are the ones on the Congressional cocktail circuit!

I won’t bother to go into detail about some of the other names being mentioned except to say that “The Washington Generals” are the basketball team that perpetually loses to the Harlem Globetrotters and “The Washington Senators” left D.C. twice. (Once to become the Minnesota Twins and once to become the Texas Rangers.)

Other names suggested by my journalistic brethren are clearly un-copyrightable and un-trademark-able. Names such as “Washington Monuments” could never get trademark protection and trademarks drive merchandizing and merchandizing drives the NFL.

The one indigenous animal I can think of that suits the region doesn’t suit football. Yes, I’m talking the soft-shell crab. Nowhere on this planet is there a food to be celebrated more. Still, “The Washington Soft-shells” doesn’t exactly have the right ring for a smash-mouth football team, does it?

All things considered, I’m sticking to “Redskins” and if you don’t like it, go ahead and Sioux me!

Tom Lloyd

Eustis, Fla.

Council Heard Concerns


This is just a special thank you to the Mayor and City Council members for their prompt response to FEMA with our appeal packet to hopefully rectify a problem for the north beach residents. It is especially reassuring to know the city leaders are looking out for the whole community.

From Ocean Place and White Sands Village, thanks for all you do.

Mark Z. Hauswald

Ocean City