Man Arrested After Carjacking Attempt In OC

Man Arrested After Carjacking Attempt In OC
Maxwell Herrett

OCEAN CITY — An Annapolis man was arrested on carjacking and other charges last weekend after attacking a resort cab driver and attempting to take control of his taxi.

Around 12:50 a.m. last Sunday, Ocean City Police responded to the area of 127th Street for a reported disorderly conduct incident. Upon arrival, the officers observed a suspect later identified as Maxwell Herrett, 32, of Annapolis, on top of a victim later identified as being a resort cab driver. The officers separated the two men and began an investigation of the events leading up to the altercation.

The cab driver told police he had picked up Herrett at the Royal Farms store on 83rd Street. The driver told police Herrett said he wanted to go to Fenwick Island, however, while en route, Herrett allegedly told the driver to take him to 127th Street. Herrett then changed his destination again two times, telling the driver to take him to 126th Street and then 122nd Street.

Frustrated with the apparently intoxicated Herrett, the cab driver then told his fare he refused to drive him anywhere else without an actual address. The driver told police Herrett then got out of the passenger seat, walked over to the driver’s side, grabbed the door handle and forcibly opened the door. The driver then pulled the door shut, but Herrett opened the door a second time and started to punch the driver in his ribs with closed fists.

The driver said Herrett attempted to push him from the driver’s seat over to the passenger seat and told the cabbie he was going to now drive. Herrett allegedly attempted to grab the vehicle’s keys, but the cabbie was able to get the keys from the ignition. By the time the OCPD officers arrived, Herrett and the cabbie were out of the vehicle and wrestling on the ground.

The OCPD officers attempted to talk with Herrett with negative results. According to police reports, he was intoxicated with an odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Herrett was arrested and charged with attempted carjacking, second-degree assault and theft under $100, the latter charge coming from his failure to pay the $40 fare. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and released after posting a $15,000 bond.