Voices From The Readers

Time To Get Informed


On Wednesday, June 4, a forum was held at Berlin Intermediate School for the public to hear the Worcester County Board of Education (WCBOE) candidates’ views on certain topics. The WCBOE Candidates were invited to attend the forum, which the public was invited as well. The forum was led by Worcester County PTA board members from Berlin Intermediate School, Buckingham Elementary, Ocean City Elementary and Showell. I have to say I was very interested in what each of the candidates had to say. The candidates were asked questions, which were asked by the audience and consisted of parents, teachers, administration of the WCBOE and community members.

In hearing the questions, I have to admit I learned a few things tonight that I’m not sure I would’ve ever known unless I had asked a board member or had been involved in the school system. I’m a first-time parent in the Worcester County district and I’m learning the ropes. Being a first-time parent, I am very committed to making sure my child as well as others receives the best education possible. These children are our future.

In order to receive the best education, the obvious is it starts at home with parenting. You are the first to teach your child to walk and talk but then after a few years we introduce the children to our community by putting them in our local school system. The school system of Worcester County has the “Board of Education” which consists of members who vote on a majority of things that affect each one of our children and those children that aren’t even in the school system yet.

Now this all sounds like common sense but I must ask you, do you know your Board of Education member for your district and what candidates are running for those districts up for re-election? It’s time to get to know your candidate. To each Worcester County resident, I ask you to please educate yourself on the candidate for your district. There are three spots up for election. Your vote matters. Please take the time to contact the WCBOE and they will direct you to the person(s) you need to speak with. Did you know WCBOE is on Facebook? Go look.

I would like to say “thank you” to the following candidates who attended the forum Bob Hulburd (District 6), Bill Gordy (District 4), Ben Nelson (District 4), Scott Baker (District 4), Bob Rothermel (District 7) and Al Shroeder ( District 7 ).

I can’t stress enough how important your vote is. Remember it’s for our future. The children are our future.

Gerri Fentress


(The writer is the PTA president of Buckingham Elementary School.)

Disappointed By Stance


How proud our great city, especially the higher ups, in the Transportation Department should be.

My good friend and Vietnam veteran Ray Poteet was flat out insulted by these very people. Ray is, or was, a dependable driver for them until Memorial Day weekend. He showed up for work, prepared his bus for the day’s service and was ready to start work when he was told he was out of uniform. He had the very nerve to be wearing his Vietnam Veterans hat. Ray explained that he had been wearing the very same hat since October and no one ever said one word about it. The person who told him about the problem said she would make a call to her boss. When she hung up, she said if Ray did not remove his Veterans hat, he would not be allowed to work.

This town brags about how patriotic it is. Doesn’t seem so to me. They not only insulted Ray, a combat wounded Veteran, but any Veteran who is proud enough to show their pride. I never served in the Armed Forces, but I respect everyone who did.

From the son of one of the frozen chosen, yes my Dad is a Korean War Veteran, it’s like Ocean City’s Tranportation Department is living in the 60s and 70s, spitting in the faces of Vietnam veterans.

To Ray Poteet, my friend, you have my respect and gratitude.

Shawn Smith

Ocean City

Event Succcessful


We want to express our appreciation to all those who participated in and/or attended the American Legion Caring for Carol Fundraiser held at the Post. We wish to thank all Post 166 Legionnaires, Riders, Sons, Ladies Auxiliary and the many businesses and sponsors for their support and for the donations of cash and items to raffle.

A special thank you to Rosie Garlitz for chairing and organizing this event and to Starr Purnell for organizing and conducting the Quarter Auction. Thank you to Cathy Kline and Paula McGrath for approaching our very generous local businesses and gathering their donations. Also a very special thank you to all of our volunteers who devoted their time and talents in preparing the baskets for our Chinese and silent auctions, 50/50 drawings, working the various tables, helping in the kitchen and with the cleanup. You are all awesome.

Thank you to all of the vendors who attended, set up a table and participated by donating some of their items to the Quarter Auction.

And finally, we want to express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to everyone that contributed to this event. The response was overwhelming and we had over 88 businesses and sponsors. Due to space constraints, we cannot list everyone individually but we have a list posted at the American Legion Post 166 acknowledging all of these contributors. Without their generous support, this event would not have been possible.

The proceeds from this event will be used to help Carol Nicholson as she fights her battle against cancer. This event truly demonstrated what could be accomplished when the Ocean City business community and the “Legion Family” come together to help those in need.

Mary Herl

Ocean City

(The writer is the president of the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 166.)

Experience Disgusts


I would like to share an experience with the Inlet parking lot and hope you can find some way to put this experience in your paper.

On May 31, 2014, I parked with my handicap card in the Inlet lot. We are locals so we are not strangers to rules and regulations. However, when we left, we were told at the gate we were two minutes over. That will be $5 for two minutes. If this is how we treat our visitors, they will not leave their footprints because they will not return.

Frank J. Tumminello

Ocean City