Ocean City’s Busy Season Surging Early

Since most mid-Atlantic schools are still in session, the success of the Memorial Day weekend on Ocean City’s businesses typically weighs entirely on the weather. There was nothing about last weekend that changes that belief, as Mother Nature cooperated and Ocean City was packed with most business being satisfied with the crowds and sales.

According to Ocean City Communications Manager Jessica Waters, the resort’s crowds were up 8.5% this Memorial Day weekend over last year’s holiday weekend, and that, coupled with huge Cruisin’ weekend crowds, bodes well for what many believe will be an outstanding season for Ocean City merchants and operators.

The inclination is that cabin fever from a dreadful winter in the mid-Atlantic states will lead to more people vacationing in Ocean City and doing so more often this summer. It’s too early to tell at this point, but if Cruisin’ and Memorial Day weekends are any indication, and history tells us they are, things are looking solid in Ocean City.

The auspicious start to the season is just what Ocean City business owners needed. Gauging business success or failure in Ocean City is always difficult because there is such a variety of businesses and vastly different sized operations spread out throughout the town. Some events help certain parts of Ocean City more than others, while some of the larger businesses will be at capacity on every weekend. However, one thing most can agree on is this winter was beyond dismal from a cash flow and sales volume perspective.

The poor weather, including multiple significant snow falls, here and in areas that Ocean City draws from resulted in one of the quietest winters ever. That left many businesses shutting down entirely for the season and those who did stay open only did so a few days of the week and often reduced their hours of operation to contain expenses.

All of these circumstances have teamed to result in a greater dependency on the peak season to even out the disparity between expenses and revenues. It’s simple business, and the fact is Ocean City’s economy is now pumping, thanks to the always reliable sales from Cruisin’ and a rosy holiday weekend.

The season could not have gotten off to a better start and here’s to hoping the crowds continue to come and behave, at least modestly, while they are here.