City Council Approves Funding For Speed Measuring Devices

SALISBURY – The Salisbury City Council voted this week to authorize appropriations for the police department to purchase weapons for new officers and Speed Measuring Devices.

According to Major David Meienschein, members of the Salisbury Police Department are required to complete firearms training and officer recertification yearly. The ammunition utilized during the training has brass casings, which are collected and stored. When the storage bins are full, the officers transport the brass casings to Delmarva Recycling Inc., which pays fair market value for the brass. The monies collected for the brass casings are forwarded to the city and deposited in the General Fund.

Meienschein requested of the City Council a budget amendment to recognize the revenue has been received by the city and to increase the police department budget in the same amount to purchase service weapons for new officers.

The ordinance before the council on Tuesday evening stated, “Delmarva Recycling, Inc. has paid the City $1,820.00, which was placed in the General Fund. The Salisbury Police Department has use for the funds received from the recycled brass shell casings to purchase service weapons for new police officers. “

Meienschein also submitted a request for the Salisbury Police Department to purchase two Speed Measuring Devices.

According to Meienschein, the purpose of the devices will be to assist city departments with events such as Salisbury Festival, road work and construction, and traffic studies including unmanned speed measurement and traffic management. These devices will also help improve public safety by providing information on road conditions, road closures, detours and weather conditions. The acquisition of these devices will greatly improve public safety and perform duties that otherwise would need to be performed by city employees. The goal is to free up city employees to perform other duties.

The cost for both devices including freight is $30,108. The Salisbury Police Department requested the funds for this project be taken from current year surplus.The council voted 4-0 to approve both requests with Councilwoman Terry Cohen absent