Worcester Prep Kindergartners Enjoy Video Conference With Johnson Space Center

Enjoying a video conference with Johnson Space Center reprsentatives are Worcester Prep kindergartners, first row from left, Sasha To, Minha Moinuddin, Chase Ginnavan, Michael Hebert, Anisha Batra, Olivia Conaway and Lena Parker; second row, Beckett Green, Ansh Batra, Lynden Prosser and Alexandria Kittredge; third row, Lilly Phillips, Hailey Bushnell, Layla Webster, George Sapna and teacher Tracey Berry; back, Addison McMillan, Ava Boothe, Jacob Brasure, teaching assistant Carol Ginnavan, Layla Jenkins, Sydney Todorov, Oliver Hershey, Karina Lopez and teacher Cathy Auxer. Submitted Photos