Voices From The Readers

Denying Permit

Makes Little Sense


This is in response to the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners (BLC) decision to deny the Soundwave Music Festival a beer/wine permit. According to John Hess, issuing a permit for this festival would cause traffic on Route 589 by Ocean Downs. Who knew alcohol caused traffic? Does Mr. Hess know where this property is located? It is nowhere near Ocean Downs. In fact it is 4.8 miles away from Ocean Downs.

Is Mr. Hess aware that Ocean Downs was just granted permission by the County Commissioners to host up to 10 outside special events per year, with music cut off at 11 p.m. and alcohol sales can be sold up to 4 a.m., with just a simple phone call to Snow Hill with no hearing required?

If Mr. Hess is worried about traffic at Ocean Downs, wouldn’t these events cause traffic on Route 589? And what happens when Ocean Downs wants to host their own Bike Week event? Do I see a double standard here? Of course I do.

And then William Esham took it upon himself to inappropriately speak for the Sheriff’s Department and State Police, stating they are too busy for another beer/wine permit to be issued. Both agencies were aware of this event and signed off on their approval for it. So, according to Esham, a beer/wine permit issued to this festival would make the police departments unable to control things? The 10 events the BLC spoke of, eight of them are in Ocean City, therefore OCPD handles them and the other two events, one is in West Ocean City and the other in Whaleyville. Bikers are not alcoholics nor bad individuals like this board is making them out to be.

The event is still going on, so does this board really believe that issuing a permit for alcohol to this music festival would cause major traffic jams on Route 589 or is one board member worried about noise at his home? Maybe they denied it because one of the board members lives near the festival site?

It appears the only thing they did was take money from the charities that would have benefited from the beer/wine sales. The location of this property is perfect for any event, large or small. It is an easy in and out from all major highways, excluding Route 589. One does not even need to go on that road to get there.

And the BLC needs to do their homework on the history of Bike Week events. They are making it seem like all bikers are alcoholics and out of control people, which we all know is far from the truth. There are very few incidents during this event and they bring a lot of money to the area. It is a shame that this board is so out of touch and close minded to realize that this event is a good thing.

Kim Kronseder


Relay For Life An

Important Event


May brings flowers, Springfest and Mother’s Day, all fun things. On a more somber note May 9 at Frontier Town in Berlin, the Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, celebrates the cancer survivors who have battled this dreaded disease and won. The event also remembers the loved ones who lost their lives and ask individuals and communities to fight back against this disease.

What’s so great about the relay is all people from every walk of life, young, old, all ethnic and gender groups, get together to express their feelings. Cancer never sleeps and there is always a place for you and your family at the relay.

As a 10-year cancer survivor, I see emotions and heart-warming feelings expressed at this event. Hugs and tears flow but that is natural. The relay helps closure for some and makes others fight harder to beat this dreaded disease. There are three feelings I think about every year, “joy” for being here, “hope” for others to overcome cancer, and “sadness” for those who lost the battle to cancer.

Everyone should look at themselves and their families and see how cancer has affected them. As a result, we should try and help the American Cancer Society fight this disease through contributions no matter how big or small. I found a quote from the great Helen Keller (1880-1968), “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

To all my friends and loved ones who are battling cancer, keep up the fight. God Bless to All.

Nick Bartolomeo

Selbyville, Del

Hold T-Shirt Shop

Owners Accountable


I have wanted to write this Letter to the Editor for some time now and since the season is upon us, I felt now might be the right time.

I read several news articles all winter about Ocean City Councilwoman Mary Knight’s attempt and success in getting signs posted on the Boardwalk about foul language not being accepted. Inasmuch as I agree that the foul language of our society is totally out of control, I feel there is so much more we can do to make this a true “family resort”.

Ocean City is always touting itself as being a family resort. That is all I heard during the debate on whether or not to have gambling here. Well, when will someone have the guts to do something about the disgusting T-shirt displays on the Boardwalk, especially at the Inlet. Money, resources and time was spent on getting these signs asking people not to curse, when the real problem is not people cursing, but letting our small children, teenagers, and any age to be honest with you, look and read some of those T-shirts. I cringe and get embarrassed when I see them and have often wondered why they are allowed to expose our visiting people to this filth, while advertising Ocean City as a family resort.

Get real, jump on some of these T-shirt shop owners and make them become accountable for their actions, they are giving Ocean City a bad name, much more than people cursing on the Boardwalk.

Charlene McDaniel

Ocean Pines

Buck-A-Ride For

Bus Should Stay


The Ocean City Town Council has successfully adopted the Fiscal Year 2015 Town Budget, after long thought and discussion. Most interested parties have had their input to the process as provided through the budget hearings conducted by the council. Let us not forget those among us who exist on the fringes of society, but are still entitled to their God-given rights under the US Constitution. I refer to the low wage earners, retirees, handicapped or disabled, children and youths, etc.

Yes they are here, visible or not, dependent on our collective willingness as a community to ensure and protect their rights, even when they may not be aware of the threat or able to state their objections. The council has to some extent achieved a budget balance by reducing bus service. Last year the council eliminated the long provided overnight service during the winter months. At the time, one council member expressed reservations about the action but observed that since no one had come forward to object, he would go along. I had hoped that our elected officials would have the courage of their convictions, not relying on the personal pleas of those affected to stand for them.

This year the council-approved budget provides for the elimination of the $1 one-way bus fare, it will now cost $3 to board the bus, period. One council member opined that, “3 is a good deal, even taxi rates are going up.” Friends, people who spend a dollar each way for bus service don’t ride taxicabs.  Are we to turn our heads on those we might not wish to consider in our lives and pretend they don’t exist or do we stand with them and support them even if they don’t know that we exist?

During budget discussions several other council members and town staff justified the new one rate approach ($3) as a good deal. It might be noted that some of these same people enjoy the use of town-owned vehicles for their own transportation needs. But, I digress, what in heaven’s name does it hurt to preserve the current $1, one-way bus fare for those among us who only have need for this type of service?

Joe Moran

Ocean City