Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

This circa 1915 photo is of the George Conner family, pioneers in Ocean City’s hotel and restaurant industry.

George Conner (1874-1916) opened Ocean City’s first restaurant on the Boardwalk at S. Division Street in 1892; his wife, Willye Jones Conner (1886-1971) — known to later generations as Willye Conner Ludlam — purchased the Hastings Hotel in 1922. Still active in later years, she built the Santa Maria Motel on 15th Street in 1956. George and Willye are pictured with their sons, George B. Conner, Jr., standing; John William Conner, being held; and Milton L. Conner, in his mother’s lap.

Milton’s wife, Thelma Conner, was the first woman elected to the City Council (1974). At the age of 74, she built the Dunes Manor Hotel on 28th Street. Descendants of George and Willye are active in Ocean City’s hospitality industry today.

Photo courtesy of the Conner family