UFC Fighter Helps Christen New O.C. Fight Club

UFC Fighter Helps Christen New O.C. Fight Club
O.C. Fight Club owner and trainer Charlie Rites (right) spars with UFC fighter Rubin Martinez last Friday at the club’s new facility on Route 50 during a seminar and training session provided by UFC professional fighter Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman. Photo by Shawn Soper

WEST OCEAN CITY- The O.C. Fight Club helped christen its new facility on Route 50 last weekend with a visit and a seminar conducted by professional UFC fighter Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman.

Owner and trainer Charlie Rites opened his original O.C. Fight Club on Route 113 in Berlin about five years ago, but with the rapid increase in interest in mixed martial arts and an associated spike in membership, he moved to a new location in the Golden Pond Center on Route 50 to accommodate the club’s growth. Rites, an accomplished boxer and trainer, has since teamed up with Kevin Killian, another local mixed martial artist who specializes in judo, jiu-jitsu and other disciplines.

Together, Rites and Killian provide training in a wide range of disciplines and skill sets for its growing membership. The club offers training for everything from aspiring mixed martial arts champions to amateurs and from those looking for an alternative workout to others seeking self-defense training. Rites and Killian offer intense, full contact training for professional and amateur competitors, along with less intense non-contact training and cardio workouts. The club’s members range from as young as seven to as old as 70 and it offers something for everyone.

The O.C. Fight Club celebrated its grand opening at its new Route 50 location on March 7. A week later on March 14, the club welcomed professional UFC fighter Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman to meet with club members and conduct a seminar on various techniques and training methods. Brenneman is scheduled to fight Danny “Last Call” Castillo as part of the UFC 172 card in Baltimore on April 26.