Church Launches Give-A-Bell Campaign

BERLIN — Stevenson United Methodist Church recently approved plans to acquire a two-octave set of high-quality, world renowned Malmark hand bells and establish a hand bell choir for its music ministry and outreach programs through a Give-A-Bell Campaign.

The Give-A-Bell Campaign is structured so all church members, the local community and business owners can participate and contribute to the hand bell program.

“I strongly endorse hand bell ringing for the ease with which it’s learned, the closeness it generates among the choir members, the values such a program teaches, and the beauty of the music and the great contribution and inspiration our handbell choir can bring to the local community,” said Director and Organist Ty Thompson. “We as a whole have concluded that there are few programs, music or otherwise, that can involve so many participants of all ages and have them be proficient in such a short time.”

The Give-A-Bell Campaign allows members of the congregation, local community members and business owners to honor or memorialize loved ones through the contribution of $250. With this contribution, the general price for one bronze hand bell, a personal inscription on the bell handle carries a message so succeeding generations will remember the donor of the bell he or she rings in every worship service or community outreach project.

“Our hope is to raise the funds needed, approximately $6,000, a few weeks before Easter Sunday in order that we have sufficient time to practice with our new bells,” said Thompson. “Make sure to watch for us in the community during one of the many planned outreach projects for these bells. We hope you would also consider ringing with us sometime.”

For donor information on hand bells and the hand bell choir, call Thompson at 410-972-9469.