2013 A Period Full Of Tragedy For Local Area

Any sort of look back at 2013 would be incomplete without touching on the fact this year was arguably the most shockingly tragic on the local front in recent history.
Of course, this is largely subjective and depends on the person or group recapping the year, but we believe this year certainly goes down as one of the most heart-breaking years we can recall.
The year got off to an inauspicious start when two friends got into an argument inside an Ocean City bar and one man ended up dead and another facing manslaughter charges. The court process is still playing out, but the facts seem to confirm the death was simply a result of inebriation among good friends.
From there, the year continued on a tragic turn with a number of unspeakable occurrences that will not soon be forgotten.
There was the plane crash that killed two off-duty Ocean City police officers that occurred days before the city’s new police chief was to be sworn in. While the loss of the two officers left many in the department and community grieving, it was the unusual manner in which it occurred that will be remembered for some time. It happened on a warm and sunny June weekend afternoon and was witnessed by thousands of beach-goers. Video and photos of the crash were released online immediately and within an hour it was determined the occupants for well-known and admired off-duty police officers.
There was the hit-and-run accident in Ocean City that forever changed the life of a young girl who was injured in the accident. The driver was apprehended quickly, but the girl and her family continue to struggle with recovery from the accident.
There was the fatal accident on Route 113 that claimed the life of a local student, leading to a community group being formed and advocating for safety enhancement.
Finally, there was the tragic church fire, which was intentionally orchestrated by a suicidal man. The fire killed the church’s beloved pastor and destroyed its rectory, which was home to a needy pantry.
Along with these specific incidents, there was the major uptick in high-profile crimes that dominated the early part of the summer in Ocean City, including a shooting; the federal shutdown that impacted the area to a large degree; the rollout of the massive federal health care initiative that helped few and caused innumerable headaches for citizens; and an outraged Ocean City group that overturned a paid parking expansion.
As we flip the calendar to 2014, it’s with hope that the area is spared the bad news that dominated the headlines in 2013 and that peace and good fortune come to this community.