Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

The Hastings Hotel was built in 1916 on the Boardwalk between 2nd and 3rd streets by its namesake Josephine Hastings. It was purchased by Willye Conner Ludlam in the mid-1920s who built the Miramar next door and connected it to the Hastings.
The Hastings-Miramar was later managed by Mrs. Ludlam’s daughter-in-law Thelma Conner, who became the first woman to serve on the City Council. She built the Dunes Manor Hotel in 1987.
The Hastings-Miramar was torn down in 1975 and the site became a parking lot for several years. In 2000, the Park Place Hotel was built at that location.
Postcard courtesy of Bill and Kitt Matthews