Holiday Spirit Alive And Well

This holiday season is confirming once again how unique the people who reside here are further highlighting this area’s generosity and unselfishness.
It’s repeated time and time again about the area’s giving nature and ability to rally around a cause in times of tragedy and heartache, but this holiday season the general drive to help those who are less fortunate is apparent on just about every front.
In local schools, our youngsters are learning first-hand how important it is to be civic-minded and willing to help those who are not as blessed as they may be. Each school across the shore in some way or another has demonstrated a philanthropic soul and the students, teachers and administrators deserve credit and praise for being willing to share their good graces with others and contributing food, time, effort, gifts and money to help others.
Worcester Prep’s Annual Food Drive, organized and led by the Student Government Association, is a prime example of instituting the importance of giving and sharing in our youngsters at an early age. The school’s modest student body was able to rally together and have its most successful food drive ever. Each student was asked to bring in canned goods as well as make a $3 donation. All the proceeds from the month-long effort were given to local churches and organizations that reach out to those in need and make a difference.
There’s nothing like seeing young people with a passion for helping others. That spirit is alive and well in all local schools and it’s a wonderful thing to see on display.
Private businesses also get in the act on several fronts. Whether it’s conducting simple Toys for Tots collections with boxes by businesses’ front doors or more dedicated efforts such as CCi aiming to make a difference in the lives of those who rely on Diakonia or business owners donating proceeds from a holiday party to several charities, it’s inspiring and heart-warming to see all the philanthropic thoughts.
What makes this community unique is it acts on those thoughts and capitalizes on it in a productive, dedicated fashion. This community gets results and makes a difference for those in need.
This area is blessed with some of the most magical landscapes and beautiful views anywhere, but we are equally fortunate to live here because of the pride and spirit that resides within the people who call this region home. It’s a beautiful community on the inside and outside.