Bayside Street Striping Planned For Fenwick Island

OCEAN CITY – All east/west bayside streets in Fenwick Island will receive striping to help ease parking problems in the summer seasons.
During the Dec. 13 Town Council meeting, Town Manager Merritt Burke announced the Parking Committee has passed forward a favorable recommendation to the Town Council to approve striping on all east/west bayside streets to better enforce parking.
The discussion over adding striping on bayside streets to differentiate where parking is and is not allowed, which is currently in place on the oceanside streets, began back in September at the committee level. At that time, the council decided to have a right-of-way survey conducted.
In October, Councilman Gardner Bunting, who serves on the Parking Committee, reported to the council it was discovered a right-of-way survey was conducted as part of a recent stormwater survey and that information would be gathered for the committee to review.
“We have kicked the idea around and have come to the conclusion that only the east/west streets should be striped … we do believe this is going to at least show people where they can and cannot park. It has shown to work well on the oceanside. If it will even help alleviate a small percentage of the issues we had last summer, it will be well worth it,” Bunting said.
According to Burke, the town has received a couple of proposals in having the bayside striping completed with costs ranging from $5,000 to $7,000.
Burke explained currently there are 152 parking spaces available on the bayside streets. However, there a few streets being proposed to switch parking from the north side of the street to the south to increase the number of available parking spaces to about 180. Additionally, shift parking from the north side to the south side of the street part way to enhance traffic flow.
Bunting added the plan is to use existing parking signage to minimize costs and move the signs where necessary.
Councilman Todd Smallwood felt it was redundant to have both signage and street striping for designated parking, and if the council were to go through with it, he felt there were only three streets that should be striped — Atlantic, Dagsboro and Indians streets.
“Every town I have been in the streets are marked where you cannot park. It is pretty standard,” Bunting said. “Part of this is we are trying to head off issues with parking. We saw problems last summer … and I think seeing where you are allowed to park will help alleviate that.”
Bunting made a motion to approve striping for parking on all east/west bayside streets capped at $7,000. The council voted 6-1 to approve with Smallwood opposed.