Youth Club Seeks Community Partners

Youth Club Seeks Community Partners

BERLIN — Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) is looking for merchants in the community that would like to partner with the Berlin Youth Club (BYC) to sell crafts made by kids.
The enthusiasm is already there on the part of the BYC, said Youth Projects Coordinator Melanie Windsor. The kids only need outlets for what they have created.
“One of the new things that we’re trying to do is incorporate more service projects into the Berlin Youth Club activities,” said Windsor. “And what that really means is that we need to work with more partnerships in the community, other non-profits, service agencies, different causes we would like to help with. And what we do is we like to make things.”
The club has made everything from holiday ornaments to scarves to dog pullovers the last few months. Creativity and artistic experimentation is encouraged in the BYC. Kids are given basic goals and criteria and then allowed to really pour themselves into each project, according to Windsor. Many of the supplies for the crafts are donated from the community and the charitable act comes full circle when the finished art is made available.
The arts and crafts focus allows kids to work in an exciting but safe environment.
“We provide that opportunity for them to have a fun experience but also serve a purpose for the parents, really,” Windsor said.
So far, Bungalow Love in Berlin will be selling the club’s paint drip ornaments, while Bruder Hill will be selling their memorial ornaments for Carolyn Cordial, who played an instrumental part in building WYFCS into what it is today.
“We really do try to include the lesson. With the ornaments for Carolyn, we explained that we have this organization, and we get together to do these fun things with you guys because Ms. Carolyn was one of the people at this office who wanted to be able to do this for children,” Windsor said.
The BYC will be participating in a Make and Take craft night on Dec. 13 in Berlin. Windsor is hoping more merchants and non-profit organizations will partner with WYFCS to promote the kids’ crafts and raise funds. For more information, call 410-641-4598.