Wills Back In Ocean City For Five-Day Run

OCEAN CITY — Sixty-eight historical figures will leap from the history books onto the stage at the OC Jamboree Theater from Oct. 29-Nov. 2 with one purpose in mind – to help raise funds for the nationally recognized Wounded Warrior Project.
William and Sue Wills, founders and authors of “Presidents and Their First Ladies, dramatically speaking”, have been touring the nation for the past 17 years. Previously, they operated the Parker Playhouse aChildren’s Theater and Parker Productions in Ocean City from 1978-1997.
Tuesday, Oct. 29 can be called Founding Fathers’ Day as the words, thoughts and deeds of Washington, Adams, Madison (no Jefferson-his wife was not a First Lady), Monroe and their wives fill the stage in the morning and afternoon sessions. The evening is rounded out by the story of John Quincy Adams, who served his country from age 14 to 81, a brief look at the marriage of Andrew and Rachel Jackson and a chance to meet the performers.
Wednesday, Oct. 30 is “The forgotten one term Presidents” as from 1836-1860 no one was reelected as the slavery issue and even the Mexican War divided the country. In the evening you will learn about the most unique Presidential ticket ever — Republican Lincoln running with Democrat Andrew Johnson.
Thursday, Oct. 31 begins 40 years of military heroes as the leaders for only one man, Grover Cleveland, did not serve in the military — Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Harrison and Theodore Roosevelt fall into this category. The final show will profile William Howard Taft, the only man to be President and Chief Justice.
Friday, Nov. 1 tells the story of the first 50 years of the 20th century as America through Wilson, FDR and Truman save the world from tyranny of oppression, Hoover saves Europe from starvation, and Harding and Coolidge try to bring about worldwide disarmament.
Saturday, Nov. 2 guides us through the second half of the 20th century as Eisenhower fights “The Cold War” Kennedy faces down the Russians in the Cuban Missile Crises, Johnson initiates The Great Society, Nixon resigns after winning reelection in one of the greatest landslides in history and Jerry Ford restores calm after the Watergate scandals.
There will be an all-event ticket available for $150, daily tickets for $40 and finally individual session tickets of $20 for most sessions with the exception of $15 for the Wilson and Eisenhower sessions and $25 for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and the Saturday night finale.
To purchase tickets, visit www.presidentsproject.org or call 443-366-3429. Tickets will be available at the door, but purchased tickets are recommended.