Worcester Prep Annual Christmas Bazaar Chairpersons Busy Making Sure Event Is Perfect Way To Welcome Holidays

Worcester Prep Annual Christmas Bazaar chairpersons are busy making sure this year’s event, scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 8, will be a perfect way to welcome in the holidays. They are, first row from left, Amy Tingle, Ann Bateman, Doreen Dennis and Betsy Hornung;  second row, Courtney Baeurle, Julie Cummings and Jennifer Humes; and, third row, Teri Poduval, Cheryl Einstein, Amy Maull, Tami Collins, Elise Mumford, Sophia Christian and Karen Payne.  Not pictured are Nona Clubb, Marybeth Hebert, Jill Paquette, Cathy Shriver, Tonya Rayne, Tammy Bunting, Kelly Cook, Pam Merritt, Tami Oltman, Kathy Marshall, Valerie Gaskill, Nicole Miller, Jennifer Willing and Colleen Denston. Submitted Photo