Sweet Frog Yogurt Store Rewards Berlin Intermediated Class For Their Great Job Collecting “Boxtops For Education”

Sweet Frog Yogurt store paid a visit to Berlin Intermediate school to reward Michael Anne Bunting’s class for their great job at collecting “Boxtops for Education.” In the month of September, Bunting’s homeroom collected $61 worth of Boxtops. This money comes directly back to BIS to be used in the school. Pictured, back, Maxim Tcheremissine, Justin Baker, Brendan Hartley, DaCameron McAfee and James Willey; middle, Darlene Charvat, Kylie Edgens, AJ Bordeau, Zack Clowson and Rashawn Corbin; and, bottom, Ryan Smith, Macy Dietrich, Summer Bowden, Jabria Harmon, Kaylyn Cobb and Elaina Parsons.