Presidential Series Eyes West OC

Presidential Series Eyes West OC

OCEAN CITY — Back in 1990, when Sue Wills gave her husband a set of two books – one on American presidents and one on their wives – William Wills became fascinated by the diversity of their backgrounds and how much our first couples had in common with other couples from all walks of life. This was the spark that created “Presidents and Their First Ladies, dramatically speaking”, the program that the couple has performed in 35 states over the past 18 years.
“Besides learning so much about American history, audiences are able to see themselves in the many trials, tribulations and triumphs of our First Couples,” said William Wills.
Did you have a family member with problems with alcohol? Did you marry while still a teenager? Did you suffer the deaths of children? Did you have financial difficulties? Were you just a mediocre student or have little education at all? Were you able to go from humble beginnings to great success? Did you have to care for other family members, especially youngsters? These and many other situations will connect with audience members, as the stories of 68 varied individuals filled with love, humor, successes and failures.
By telling the personal stories of 33 First Couples, over 250 years of American history will also unfold on stage over five days at the OC Jamboree Theater from Tuesday, Oct. 29 through Saturday, Nov. 2 for the benefit of The Wounded Warrior Project. The Wills will perform all 68 historical characters.
There will be a morning, afternoon, and evening session each day.
The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, Oct. 29, Washington, Adams/Madison, Monroe/John Quincy Adams/, Jackson, Meet the Performers; Wednesday, Oct. 30, Harrison, Tyler, Polk/Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce/Lincoln and Andrew Johnson; Thursday, Oct. 31, Grant, Hayes, Garfield/Cleveland, Harrison/McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt and Taft; Nov. 1, Wilson/Harding, Coolidge, Hoover/Franklin Roosevelt and Truman; and Saturday, Nov. 2, Eisenhower/Kennedy, Johnson/Nixon and Ford.
There will be an all-event ticket available for $150, daily tickets for $40 and finally individual session tickets will range from $15 to $25. A special non- profit organization, Presidents Project, Inc., has been created and all profits will flow to the Wounded Warrior Project. Except for travel expenses and lodging, the Wills will receive no compensation for their almost 25 hours on stage over the 5 days.
To purchase tickets, visit or write to Presidents Project, Inc. 1853 Linden Road Winter Park, Fla. 32792.