Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann
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The building that houses today’s City Hall opened in 1915 at 3rd Street and Baltimore Avenue as a training facility for teachers. Known as the Maryland State Normal School, it was the first brick building in Ocean City. The Normal School lasted only two years and then became the Ocean City High School in 1917.
Eventually grades 1-6 were taught on the first floor while the high school students had classes upstairs. The building was enlarged during the Roosevelt Administration’s WPA program and at one time boasted the largest high school gym in Worcester County.
The last class graduated in 1954 but the elementary grades continued there until the Ocean City Elementary School was built on the mainland 11 years later. In 1968, the vacant building was purchased from Worcester County for $90,000 and following renovation became the new City Hall.
Photo from Bunk Mann Collection