The Resorter … Revisited

Summer of 1970
Volume XVI
Edition 9

Issue Highlights
(BULLET)With the off season in mind, Captain Jack Bunting of the Angler was advertising cod fishing in the winter.
(BULLET)Ocean Associates Inc. was announcing the beginning of construction for the new Calypso Condominiums on 62nd Street, featuring three elevators, a swimming pool, balconies and fireproof construction.
(BULLET)This week’s Resorter Girl was Jo Anne McClary.
(BULLET)Among those featured in Shirley Ferrante’s Salt Spray column were Harold and Esther Rayne at the White Marlin Restaurant; Dorothy Rolfe and Anita Engle at the Baron of Beef; Ridge Harmon of the Seascape Motel; Shirley Kardias of the Francis Scott Key; Barbara Paul and Frank Hanna of the Crab Claw Restaurant; Dick Leiner of the Embers; and Lenore Dennis of the Surf and Sands Coffee Shop.
(BULLET)Among those photographed by Dick Lohmeyer in his After Dark column were Pete Metcalf and Lenny Boyer, the Paddock; Frank Maiorana and Louise Wood, Living Room Lounge; Morgan Blakeslee, Sand Bar Lounge; Arlene Dose, Fred Advocat, Ann Gouldiana and Gene Parker, the Paddock; Pete Johannes, Embassy Lounge; Richie McCaleb and Dick Earle, the Hurricane; and Bobby Baker Jr. and Bob Warner, Sinkalagas Night Club.