Council Approves More Boardwalk Carriage Rides

OCEAN CITY – Horse and carriage rides will return to Ocean City’s Boardwalk during the off season months.
Randy Davis of R and B Ranch requested the Mayor and City Council continue horse and carriage rides on the Boardwalk during the fall and spring months.
Last September the Mayor and City Council granted Davis permission to begin providing horse and carriage rides on the Boardwalk. The council agreed unanimously to have Davis return.
This fall Davis will return to his original staging area just south of Thrashers French Fries on the corner of the Inlet Parking Lot between the Pier building and the Worcester Street Comfort Station. The horse and carriage ride route will move east along the tram lane and along the north side of the Pier proceeding north to the general area of 4th Street staying on the concrete portion of the boardwalk from the pier to 4th Street At 4th Street, the horse will turn around and return to the staging area.
Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) Executive Director Glenn Irwin submitted the OCDC supports the carriage rides along the Boardwalk. He said, “This is a nice offseason attraction for visitors and residents of Ocean City.”
“It is a great attraction. I walk every day and I see the people riding, smiling and having a great time,” Councilman Brent Ashley said.
According to Public Works Director Hal Adkins, horse and carriage rides will commence on Monday at the earliest following Sunfest’s crowds this weekend.
Last year Davis said his horse and carriage ride service on the Boardwalk turned out to be quite popular. He estimated at least 250-300 horse and carriage rides were provided on the first weekend last year.
During last year’s holiday season, Davis participated in the inaugural Light Up Downtown that kicked off in late November. Every Friday and Saturday Santa was on the scene at Sunset Park with various entertainment scheduled, including music and dance performances, plus a bake sale, hot cocoa, and R and B Ranch was there to provide horse and carriage rides Thursday through Sunday, late November through mid-December.
The holiday route started at Sunset Park and went south on Philadelphia Avenue to South First St. It then headed east on South First St. until reaching the intersection of Baltimore Ave. where it turned and headed north until reaching Somerset St. It would then head west of Somerset St. until reaching Philadelphia Ave. where it would head south to the point of origination at Sunset Park.