First Decatur Way 5K a Big Success

BERLIN- The inaugural Decatur Way 5K last weekend was a huge success with 129 runners competing in the first-ever event.
Produced by OC Tri-Running, the Decatur Way 5K was run last Saturday with the proceeds benefiting the Berlin high school and its athletic boosters. Runners from the individual classes at Decatur competed against each other along with teachers and staff members, parents and other supporters and running enthusiasts.
For the record, Thomas Yinger won the first-ever Decatur Way 5K, finishing in 18:17.4. Rounding out the overall top 10 were Parker McIntosh, Zach Elmer, Jake Gaddis, Joseph Stigler, Kevin Herbert, Fiona Halbritter, Justin Zangwill, Sean Rolleston and Jared Massey.
The top three freshmen finishers were Massey, Cameron James, and Ethan Janson. The top three sophomore finishers were Cole Mumford, Katie Hofman and Elizabeth Master. The top three junior class finishers were Gaddis, Robert Mitchell and Sean Colgan. The top three teacher and staff finishers were Stigler, Gwendolyn Trice and Lauren Leighton. Finally, the top three parents or other supporters were Elmer, Herbert and Danny Beck.