City Seeking State Funds For Skate Park, Bike Trail

SALISBURY – Additional state funding is being sought by Salisbury for several recreational activities, including specifically the Salisbury Skatepark and Northeaster Collector Hike & Bike.
A resolution to approve a Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Community Parks & Playground (CP&P) grant application for $375,000 for the second phase of the Salisbury skate park came before the City Council for approval.
According to Community Development Director Deborah Stam, the skate park has been broken into two phases in order to make it more affordable. The total area available at the site is approximately 14,000 square feet. It will be located on South Park Drive.
The first phase has been funded through CP&P for 6,000 square feet. Phase 2 of the skatepark will include design and construction of 8,000 square feet of poured-in-place concrete skatepark, the remaining fencing, entrance and exit security gates, benches, trash cans, a bike rack, the creation of the parking areas and portable toilets. The signage for the project was covered in the first phase grant
“Although DNR down not typically request a Resolution of Support when a CP&P funding application is submitted, I strongly feel that it will help us a great deal during the application review phase if we go ahead and get one to them. I don’t want the review committee to have any concerns upon what happened with the Phase 1 grant award,” Stam said.
The application explains, “as this recreational facility will be utilized by both City of Salisbury and Wicomico County residents, the city wishes to partner with the county in the creation of this important amenity. The county administration has expressed a willingness to partner with the city on the Salisbury Skatepark project, recognizing the overwhelming need for a facility of this type. Therefore, the City has requested $100,000 in Program Open Space (POS) funds from Wicomico County Recreation Commission in the POS Proposed Projects list for FY 2014 that was submitted to the Director of Recreation and Parks on June 11, 2013. The Salisbury Skatepark is listed as a first priority project on the FY 2104 POS project list.”
The total project is estimated to cost $495,000. The remainder of the funding will derive from fundraising proceeds contributed by the Salisbury Skatepark Committee.
Another ongoing project that came before the council this week was a resolution of the city authorizing the mayor to sign a grant agreement and accept a grant of $90,000 from Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Bikeways Program for the Northeast Collector Bike Path Phase 2 pedestrian-and-bicycle facilities improvements.
According to the Public Works Department, on Dec. 20, 2010 the City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State of Maryland and the Department of Transportation to provide a grant of $225,000 for the Northeaster Collector Hike & Bike project. The city is providing matching funds in the amount of $225,000.
During the design evaluation process with the state, it was recommended that electronic crossing devises be installed at the crossing on Route 50 at Beaglin Park Dr. and Northeast Collector. This would allow bicyclists to cross Route 50 on a timed signal for a determined period of time working in the same manner as a pedestrian signal.
The council approved both resolutions.