Committee Donates To New Salisbury Skate Park

SALISBURY – One more step for skaters was made this week when Salisbury Skate Park Committee, Inc. handed over the promised contribution to the city.
On Monday evening, members of Salisbury Skate Park Committee, Inc. came before Mayor Jim Ireton and the City Council to present a check for $7,000 to support the construction of park.
“This is a pretty exciting evening. We have been gathering these funds for quite some time and anxiously awaiting the time we can hand it over,” Maury Humphreys of Salisbury Skatepark Committee, Inc. said. “I would like to thank all the people that supported us through all these years by donating and going to our events, helping us out and their donating time.”
Community Development Director Deborah Stam submitted the Community Parks & Playgrounds (CP&P) grant application for the Salisbury Skate Park Phase 1 included matching funds in the amount of $7,000 from the Salisbury Skate Park Committee, Inc. This match was to be provided by the committee through the proceeds raised through fundraising efforts.
A resolution on the council’s table was to accept a donation in the amount of $7,000 from the Salisbury Skate Park Committee, Inc. as the matching funds pledged for the CP&P grant received from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the first phase.
According to the resolution, “the city has a large number of youth and adults that love to go skateboarding, but they have nowhere locally that they can skate. The city wishes to provide a public skate park for local youth that is free of charge, so that they may continue to enjoy what is becoming an increasingly popular sport.”
The council voted 3-0 to approve the resolution with Council members Shanie Shields and Laura Mitchell absent.
In June, after six long years, the City Council approved a grant to begin the process for a modern skate park facility to be constructed in Salisbury.
At that time, Stam explained the DNR had informed the city the CP&P grant application in the amount of $262,000 for Phase 1 of the Salisbury Skate Park has been officially approved by the State Board of Public Works.
Phase 1 of the skate park project will include the design of the project, site preparation work, construction of the first 6,000 square feet of the poured-in-place concrete, purchase and installation of some of the fencing, the Skate Park Rules/Funding Acknowledgement sign and a couple of trash cans.