All Things Philly Served At Redden Family’s Place

OCEAN CITY – A new restaurant has opened right outside of Fenwick Island and prides itself in bringing the taste of South Philly into the neighborhoods at the beach.
Taste of South Philly is a family-owned and operated business. Key players are George Redden Sr. and his sons, George and Tim, who are from Delaware County about seven minutes outside of Philadelphia.
“We made cheesesteaks our whole lives,” Tim Redden said.
His brother, George, added they have been working in the kitchen of many different establishments in the South Philly area for over 20 years learning their way in authentic Southern Philly-style cuisine.
“We always wanted to get into it ourselves,” George Redden said.
The Redden family has always had a home here near the beach and noticed a lack of authentic Philadelphia-style food.
“What brought us here? The demand for good food. A lot of people recognize that,” Tim Redden said frankly. “There are a lot of people here from the Philly area, South Jersey and New York that know what good food is and down here they are trying to find it.”
The restaurant opened on March 1.
“When we started out, it was the locals that spread our business. A lot of word to mouth,” Tim Redden said. “They take menus to their neighbors, they put us on Facebook, and they put us on the internet. The locals down here are great. If it wasn’t for the locals, you never know.”
Taste of South Philly has fresh rolls delivered daily from Sarcone’s Bakery in Philadelphia that was opened in 1918 by an Italian immigrant, Luigi Sarcone. Since then, Sarcone’s Bakery has become the most recognized, successful and trusted bread bakery.
Along with the bread, a recent addition to the menu, Philadelphia-style soft pretzels are being delivered daily, as well as fresh produce from Delaware County.
The Philly steaks are made with freshly cut ribeye daily, along with the chicken steaks. Not to mention the pizza dough is made every morning.
“We are here for three to four hours every day before we open,” Tim Redden said.
As far as Philly Steaks and Chicken Steaks go, several combinations are offered, but one of the most popular is the Philly Favorite made with cheese whiz, with or without onions.
Aside from the authentic South Philly style cheesesteaks, Taste of South Philly offers an Italian, Italian Stallion with prosciutto, Cap and Provolone, Turkey, and Roast Beef hoagies all served on a fresh South Philly roll.
There are a number of unique items on the menu’s Munchies section, such as the Philly Fat Bastard that is steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, mayo and ketchup all mixed up on a roll. The hoagie has become a customer favorite and the most popular item on the menu.
Other selections on the Munchies menu is a Delaware Blue Hen made of chicken, barbeque sauce, ranch and onion rings. The Salisbury Seagulls made of chicken, mushrooms, green pepper and onion. The Delaware State Hornets made of chicken, old bay fries and cheese whiz, and the Flaming Rooster made of chicken steak, hot sauce, bleu cheese and onion rings.
Besides the authentic South Philly style hoagies and cheesesteaks, Taste of South Philly offers a number of different Philly’s Finest Pizza’s made to order as well as Stromboli, wings and burgers.
“We haven’t had any complaints so far,” Tim Redden said. “We have people flying in here from everywhere, some hours away, and they tell us when they walk in the door how far they have drove to get here, and they leave with huge smiles on their faces saying they will be back.”
Taste of South Philly is out of sight when traveling on Route 54. It is located at 37031 Old Mill Bridge Road in Selbyville/Fenwick Island across Route 54 from the Harris Teeter grocery store, and just a short drive down the road. They are open from 11 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.
“People find us … we are on the beaten path but just because you aren’t on the main road doesn’t mean you don’t have the best food,” Tim Redden said.
Upon entering Taste of South Philly, the Redden’s family dedication to Philadelphia is obvious as the walls are strewn with Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers sports memorabilia.
“Obviously we are all Philly,” Tim Redden said proudly.
For more information visit or call 302-988-1858 or 302-988-1859.