NEW FOR THURSDAY: Dew Tour Could Be Back In 2014

NEW FOR THURSDAY: Dew Tour Could Be Back In 2014
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OCEAN CITY – The Dew Tour’s construction is underway with the event getting underway next week, and discussions over dates for the Dew Tour next year have already begun.

The Recreation and Parks Commission went over several private event requests on Tuesday evening before the events were passed on to the Mayor and City Council for approval.

As the list came to a close, Private Event Coordinator Lisa Mitchell mentioned the department has already been in discussion with Vice President of Events for Alli Sports Chris Prybylo over next summer’s dates for the Dew Tour to return to Ocean City for the fourth year.

Prybylo proposed for Dew Tour 2014 in Ocean City to occur Thursday-Sunday, June 26-29. However, with the breakdown of the Dew Tour usually taking about a week, staff is concerned over the interference with the 4th of July Fireworks downtown.

The commission was in consensus to further investigate, along with the Fire Marshal’s office and Dew Tour officials, on the time frame and if the Dew Tour site will infringe on the safety regulations associated with the fireworks before moving forward in accepting the proposed dates. The Dew Tour is taking place next weekend, June 20-23, and will have almost two weeks to break down before the 4th of July fireworks go off.

As far as Dew Tour this year, Assistant Recreation and Parks Director Susan Petito had good news, announcing the addition the Ocean Bowl Bash will take place at Ocean City’s Ocean Bowl Skate Park on Wednesday, June 19, starting at 2 p.m.

For the last two years, a Dew Tour kickoff event has at the Ocean Bowl has been organized by an independent organizer who was unable to return this year due to a conflicted schedule. In the organizer’s absence, the Ocean Bowl staff has decided to take on the event.

Mike Rogers of Grind For Life will be returning to the Ocean Bowl to help kick off the Dew Tour. Rogers, who is a life-long skateboarder, founded Grind For Life in 2003 after his second battle with Sarcoma Cancer.

The mission of Grind For Life is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, educate and inspire patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery.

Ocean Bowl Bash will feature local vendors, the U.S. Army with playground equipment, a Hummer demo, a photo display of Ocean City’s history, skate competitions and live radio. The Ocean Bowl will be open for free. Live music is also being booked.