Berlin Looks To Tackle Zoning Code Revisions

BERLIN — Looking to buckle-down on the process of revising Berlin’s zoning code the town’s Planning Commission decided this week to have monthly meetings to discuss alterations. The commission met Wednesday after a six-month break. Work on revisions did not halt during that time, however, with Chuck Ward, director of planning and zoning, drafting about… Read more »

OC Exempted From Mandatory Recycling Law

OCEAN CITY — A bill in the Maryland General Assembly that will provide an exemption for the countless condominiums and apartment buildings in Ocean City from placing mandatory recycling bins on their properties passed late Monday just before the session expired. Last year, the General Assembly passed legislation requiring the owners or property managers of… Read more »

Project Granted Waiver To Use Old Stormwater Rules

BERLIN — An administrative waiver allowing a developer to opt out of the most recent stormwater regulations raised some hackles during Wednesday’s Berlin Planning Commission meeting. Although the request was eventually approved, the commissioners made it clear the town should tread lightly when granting similar waivers in the future. The administrative waiver will allow developer… Read more »