Voices From The Readers

No To Common Core

(The following was sent to the Worcester County Commissioners and the county’s Board of Education members.)

Common Core is a nationwide initiative designed to herd states into national K-12 standards and national tests, which ultimately will lead to a national curriculum and silence curriculum input from local parents, taxpayers and educators.

Do we want to do this on top of handing over control of our real estate, as proposed in "Plan Maryland", to Annapolis and the federal government? It will all end when we all have no control of the activities that we have always controlled through the ballot box. Please understand and see these mandates for what they are. They are attacks on our freedoms.

When the "Affordable Healthcare Act", or Obamcare, grows into full implementation, personal freedom loss will become alarmingly evident. "Plan Maryland" and "Common Core" will add to that. There is a national agenda under foot here. States and counties need to say "stop" Please, please do so and take back control of Worcester County.

Dennis W Evans

Good Samaritans Thanked

On Tuesday, April 2, as I was preparing dinner, I heard a voice at the front door. As I went to answer, I saw two men holding up my husband, Earl, who had fallen in the driveway.

Being Good Samaritans, they stopped and helped him into the house. You are Guardian Angels. I thank you. I took Earl to the Emergency Room and he received five sutures over his right eye. I didn’t thank you at the time, but I thank you very much. You are both very special.

Edna M. Smith

Support Appreciated

On behalf of Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF) board, I would like to thank members of the community for their amazing support of our organization and, in turn, those we help. Simply put, our 2nd annual BunnyPalooza! was epic.

On Saturday, March 30, 800 runners, and hundreds more spectators, party-goers and volunteers gathered in downtown Bethany Beach for our 5k/10k in support of QRCF’s scholarship and grant programs. I am thrilled to report that thousands of dollars were raised.

First and foremost, I must thank the BunnyPalooza! committee members: Eunice Carpitella, Faith Denault, Maura Dribben, Jackie Inman, Marian Parrott, and Karen Taylor. They devoted hundreds of hours to ensure the success of the event. Thanks also to Race Director Rick Hundley, together with the members of the committee, their efforts were herculean.

We received amazing financial support from our sponsors: 3rd Wave Brewing Co., Baja Beach House Grill, Beach Break Bakrie & Café, Bethany Beach Books, Bethany Blues, The Birch Tree Café, Bluecoast, Boyden Design, Coastal Point, The Cottage Café, Denise Beam at State Farm, Dickens Parlour Theatre, DiFebo’s, Giant Food, Harris Teeter, Jeff Baxter from Prosperity Mortgage, Law Offices of Scott & Shuman, Leslie Kopp, Loftus Wealth Strategies, Maureen’s Ice Cream, Ocean View Animal Hospital, Off the Hook, One Coastal, Mango’s, The Parkway, Pohanka Auto Group, Rehoboth Beach Sports, Sedona Restaurant, Steve Alexander at Resort Quest, Transformative Dynamics, UPS Store-Bethany, Wilgus Insurance, World Gym-Bethany and Yuppy Puppy.

We are also grateful to the hundreds of local and visiting runners, raffle tickets purchasers, spectators, and volunteers. The 2nd annual BunnyPalooza! was a true partnership of businesses and individuals.

We were humbled by the amazing support from so many members of our community. Thanks to all who supported the event and who so generously join us in carrying out our mission.

We invite everyone to learn about our programs, including how to apply for scholarships and grants at www.qrcf.org

Michael Loftus
(The writer was the BunnyPalooza! race chair.)