Shelter Mourns Mayor

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We lost our mayor today. Not one of the human mayors of the local towns, rather the anointed mayor of the Worcester County Humane Society.

His name is Shawnee. For the many of us whose lives he touched, it is a very sad day. Shawnee is well known in the area, especially by the many generous volunteers, employees and supporters at the shelter. His antics, fun-loving personality and charisma made him a legend in the dog and human world.

The memories and tales of Shawnee are too numerous to recount in this brief memorial. Suffice it to say that he was no normal dog. He loved his home at the shelter and despite the Director Kenille Davies’ best attempts to find a “forever” home, Shawnee refused to leave “his town” in the paws of another. On more than one occasion, he left his forever home in the dark of night and made his way back to the shelter.

In fact, Kenille passed him on her drive to the shelter one morning as he made his journey back to the place he loved. Finally, Shawnee got his point across and Kenille capitulated – Shawnee was not going to give up his position in his “town”.

Perhaps the most telling example of how popular and well-known Shawnee became was during the shelter’s annual and biggest fundraiser – “Boardwalkin’ For Pets”. At this event, dog lovers are given an opportunity to “borrow” a dog from the shelter to walk. As a result, many of our dogs are able to participate. Shawnee was always in demand and never missed a chance to lead a parade. Two years ago, a young couple was awarded the opportunity to escort Shawnee in his main public appearance event. When they returned to the shelter with him afterwards, they spoke in amazement about all of the people along the way who knew Shawnee and would enthusiastically shout from the crowd – “Hey, there’s Shawnee”.

Shawnee touched many lives and will continue to do so, thanks to the efforts of the Worcester County Humane Society. He epitomized the joy, love and friendship that the shelter affords to its residents and the people who are fortunate enough to be adopted by one or more of them. He will be missed and always remembered. R.I.P. Shawnee.

Worcester County Humane Society Volunteers