Voices From The Readers

Council Impresses

Earlier this year I had approached the Ocean City Mayor and Council with trepidation on an age-old problem that I had sought for some guidance to rectify.

The wariness came not from knowing that the functioning body was made up of a group of professionals that operated your vacation getaway with a high degree of efficiency, but that, as an out-of-state resident who owns a secondary property in the city, my pleas would fall on deaf ears.

How wrong was I. I had stated my case to all the members of the council, as well as the mayor and the city manager. Not only did the members take the time and read what I had to say, but those who did respond to my problem responded with a positive attitude. Council members answered that they would look into the situation and examine further avenues to take that would alleviate this problem. Ultimately, the City Council did just that.

In an age of utmost cynicism of anything that has to do with a governing politic, the actions of this City Council were refreshing to observe. Based on my experience, this council is a prime example of how a governing body should respond to the concerns of not only their voting constituency but also to anyone who pays property taxes within the city’s jurisdiction.

I want to especially thank Council members Margaret Pillas, Doug Cymek, Brent Ashley and especially Dennis Dare as well as City Manager David Recor for their diligent response to my situation. Ocean City residents should feel very good about their representation. Thank you all.

Gary Olsen
Fredericksburg, Va.
Social Security And Debt

When Social Security taxes do not cover all of the money spent on benefits and administration, Social Security has to redeem some of its trust fund savings bonds. To the extent the Treasury department gets the money for redemption via general revenues, the national debt is actually reduced. To the extent the money comes from selling bonds to different owners, the national debt remains unchanged, this being like using a new credit card to pay off a credit card balance with total debt remaining unchanged.

Since Social Security does not depend on raising the national debt, it should be exempt from "sequestration". So, don’t worry, be happy.

Jack Hartman
Ocean Pines